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Channel your Inner Ella with

Have you watched the latest Disney movie, Cinderella?

I have and I'm totally in love with the visuals from scenery, to hair, makeup and even outfits! My eyes were having a feast to all the sights that the movie can offer. By the end of the movie, I am determine to try to recreate some of looks from the movie.
So using some of the scenes from the movie, I have created a Cinderella Inspired Look.
Read on to find out more!

For outfit, I have put together a look that is wearable and with the incorporation with some of the key concepts that Ella has in the movie, mostly from the scenes before the ball. I noticed that Ella is a character that has a very simple, clean spring style with nothing too flashy.

So I began by finding an off-shoulder airy dress with the hint of spring, and matched it with a pair of blue flats. If you want to glam things up, I have also found a beautiful faux rhinestone and gem necklace and a pair of cute butterfly earrings that have a hint of blue. I would advice wearing either of them, because it might be a little too much to have both on. 

For makeup, I did a little research and found Makeup designer of Cinderella, Naomi DonneI's statement on Cinderella's makeup look!

It was stated that she wanted Cinderella's face to look as if she has nothing on, to create the big contrast with everybody else: 

“She's the only one with nothing on her face, where as everyone else is overly made-up. She's very fresh and open and so was her mother and they come from a different world of honesty and music and culture and simplicity, as opposed to the complications of her wicked stepmother, her stepsisters and life at the palace. She's in a very simple place in a nice way. She contrasts really well. When she comes down into the ball, she does have a little bit more, but basically her face—and body—looks much simpler than everyone else. She sort of glows with that simplicity and that's why she stands out from everybody else, I think.”

With that, I would think that the focus makeup points are the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and lips. So, all you really need then are 3 simple products:
1) Eyebrow pencil or Tinted Eyebrow Gel
2) Shimmery Beige Eyeshadow
3) A Cheek & Lip Stain 

With that being said, check out this list of products I have found on to help you recreate Ella's look (Prices range from SGD13 to SGD50):

1. MOONRIVER: Iris Off Shoulder Dress
2. SALT- KOREA: Multi Coloured Diamante Butterfly Earrings
3. SOMETHING BORROWED: Faux Rhinestone And Gem Necklace
4. ZALORA: Matte PU Ballerina Loafers
5. STILA: Chinois Eye Shadow
6. TARTE: Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel (Medium Brown)
7. STILA: Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

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Until then,
"Have Courage And Be Kind"

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