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Say Bye To Stained Nails With Locycare Nail Gel [Sponsored Review]

Hi Ladies!
2 weeks back, I posted about taking on the challenge #GoBareWithLocycare on my Instagram. So, I have kept my nails free from any nail polish and using Locycare Nail Gel to hydrate and nourish my nails back to health during this duration.

What is Locycare Nail Gel?

Locycare Nail Gel is essentially a moisturiser for one’s nails and effortlessly penetrates the nail with a slight massage. It contains a unique combination of ingredients that attracts and retains moisture, to restore the natural water content of damaged nails; and Artemisia leaf extract that has an antimicrobial action to provide a fast visible improvement to damaged and discoloured nails.

To Use:

1) Trim and file nails as normal. A little tip I learn to help prevent brittle nails is to file your nails in 1 direction, the sawing method may weaken nails.

2) You may chose to get rid of unsightly cuticles or leave them as they are. Then, wash and dry your hands.

3) Apply a small drop of gel onto nails and massage lightly until the gel is absorbed or dries off.

4) Apply twice daily to clean nails. To see results, do this continuously for 14 days.


Texture: Gel, slightly sticky until it dries off completely
Smell: Slight minty scent, I assume it's the scent of the Artemisia Leaf Extract
  • Visible improvement of nails with yellow discolouration after two weeks of application 
  • Restores the natural water content of damaged nails and penetrates the nails to ensure optimal hydration
  • Promotes healthy nail regrowth
Cost: SG$19.90

Product Rating: 9/10

So for 14 days, I applied this nail gel diligently and interestingly enough, I did notice some improvements. Here's the before and after photos:

I have taken into account that my nails did grow some of the yellowish parts out, and I did trimmed my nails once during this period. But it is quite obvious that my nails look less stained and yellow than before.

Besides looking more pinkish than yellow, I also noticed that my nails are "stronger" than it is before treatment. Having had gelish polish 2 weeks ago, my nails were weaker and thinner after removal. Now, my nails looks healthy and feels stronger (no chips).

The only downsides are the fact that you need to apply it regularly twice for 2 weeks, and that the gel may feel a little sticky as it dries up. So I would say that it requires some diligence to apply twice a day (morning & night) and it may take some getting used to the slight stickiness. From experience, the stickiness goes away after 10 minutes.

So in conclusion, it seems like Locycare Nail Gel does help to lighten the yellowish discolouration that nail polishes create and to help strengthen nails by working as a moisturizer for nails. I will say that the improvement of the discolouration is definitely more effective than using lemon juice (yes, I've tried it before) and I will be proceeding this treatment for my toe nails too! I would definitely recommend this to people with sever discolourations of the nails!


  1. Hi there! May I know where I could buy this nail gel in Singapore? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi Angelina,

      Locycare is available at selected Unity and Watsons!