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Braun Face: World's First Facial Epilator and Cleansing Brush [Sponsored Review]

5 months ago, Braun launched a new product:

 The world's first 2-in-1 facial device that delivers pore-deep cleansing as well as high precision facial epilation for pure, radiant beauty. This revolutionary new beauty device from the world’s No.1 epilator brand is a great investment for better-looking skin. Expect your complexion to look visibly smooth, fresh and beautifully flawless at the flick of a switch. 

I was invited to try Braun Face out then but I was travelling...
The months have passed, and I'm given the opportunity to give my thoughts and 2 weeks of trial with this interesting product now.

If you have been following me, you would know that I love multi-functional products.
Each Braun Face comes in a neat packaging with the epilation head, protective cap for the epilation head, cleansing brush, cleaning brush and 1 AA battery.

So How Does Braun Face Work?



To Use:

Moisten your skin and the brush head lightly with water. 
Guide the brush with gentle pressure and circular motions for approximately 1 min. 
You may use it with your choice of cleanser. 
Avoid the eye and hairline area.

  1. Up to 6 times more efficient than a manual face scrub, the sonic cleansing technology gently but thoroughly sweeps away make-up, pollution and impurities
  2. Tested by dermatologists
  3. Suitable for most skin types, even sensitive skin
  4. Helps prepare the skin to absorb beauty products more efficiently, leaving you with instantly smoother, softer and visibly more beautiful skin
Product Rating: 7.5/10

I've tried a handful of cleansing brushes before, but never a sonic cleansing one so it was interesting for me to put this to the test. I like that I can use this device in a bath or shower because it's battery compartment has a slight seal around it to prevent water from entering it. 

To put this device to the test, I have on the back of my hand 2 of the toughest makeup products that I use: Laneige BB Cream (this BB Cream is super waterproof) and K-palette Tattoo Eyeliner (it's not exactly waterproof but it leaves a stain that's hard to get rid of). If you are a user of both products, you will understand what I mean.

So, with a little facial cleanser (Creme Simon's Foaming Cleanser) and moisten skin, I flicked the device on and worked it on my skin. I did 10 secs with the brush head rotating right and another 10 secs rotating left, working the brush with up, down and circular movements.

After 20 secs, I stopped and did a comparison.
It was thoroughly clean with no makeup residue or stain, I say kudos to its cleansing abilities!

I can also see why and how using this device would help you achieve a more radiant skin, because it really is that effective in removing makeup and that would also mean dead skin cells. With all these impurities removed properly, it would also allow the skin to absorb whatever serum or cream you layer on afterwards.

However, that being said, I do find that the bristles of the brush is a little too coarse for my preference. So, it did result in a little redness after use. This is a major downside for me, because I was really excited to read that it's even suitable for sensitive skin. I would recommend to keep the usage of this to under 30 seconds for the whole face if you have sensitive skin like me and to apply it lightly on your face, with the brush just skimming on the surface.

I also find it a little troublesome in terms of placing the device down right after use, to rinse my face, because this device can't be placed upright and the brush head is bound to touch a surface. So now, I have a cup near my sink to allow me to pop in it while I wash my face. I think it will be great if the device could stand up on its own or if there is a protective cap for the brush too.


To Use:

Simply switch the device on by sliding left or right. 
For best results, make sure that the tweezers rotate against the direction of hair growth.

  1. A slim epilator head that removes almost invisible hairs and delivers absolute precision on the eyebrows, upper lip and chin
  2. With 10 micro-openings for super-efficient epilation, offering up to four weeks of smooth skin
  3. 200 times faster than manual tweezers and can remove hairs four times shorter than traditional waxing
  4. Provides a gentle experience and more precise results than alternative epilators
  5. Gives women smooth, hair-free skin that lasts for weeks

 Product Rating: 9.5/10

I was quite excited to test out the epilation of Braun Face, because well~ my hairs grow out quite fast. As a first time user of epilators, I will honestly tell you now that it takes some practice to be comfortable with both using the device and to the sensation of the hair removal. It is recommended to practice epilation around the chin or mouth first before progressing to the brows area.

Once I got a hang out it, it was really quicker and more effective. A tip from me on epilating around the brows is to hold the epilation head horizontally rather than vertically, while the head rotates in the opposite direction to the hair growth direction. I find that it removes more and closer to the brows but that being said~ do be very careful not to go too close. This device is not to be used to shape your brows.

 Here's an closeup shot of the before and after: 

Pretty neat, huh~ There's a few strays but overall, I'm impressed.
The best part is that this device is small and handy for travel as an epilator, it's slightly bigger than a mascara, which makes it one of the smaller epilator I have seen!

The only downside I faced was that the power of the battery affects speed of the rotation. I noticed that during the period when the battery was new and "full", the speed of the rotation were faster compared to the later period. So, for a better experience, I would recommend ensuring that your battery is "fresh" or newly charged (for rechargeable batteries)with each use.

That's all for my review!

If you are interested,
Braun Face is going at a price of SGD99, and is available at all major departmental stores, leading hypermarkets and independent electrical stores!


  1. Jody, this is a great review. I am super impressed by how you cleaned up around your eyebrows. I am amazed at your technique of holding it horizontally.

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thank you for taking the time to pen out your thoughts on my review. It's really sweet of you :) Did you try out my method?