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Look Of The Day: Rock Smokey Chic Eye Makeup with Britty

Hey~ Ladies, how are you?
I'm back to blogging, sorry for neglecting it for the past few days! I've been a busy with work but the highlight of last week was going to Incubus concert with my boyfriend.

It was for this rock concert that I decided to create another makeup look with Britty Makeup.

View the steps here:

Products Used:
Britty Eyeshadow Cream & Pearl in #22
Red Apple Gluten Free Eyeliner
Britty Brush Eyeliner
Britty Eyelash Essence & Base in #21 (EyeLash Base)
Britty Mascara & Eye Brow in #27 (Natural Brown)
Britty Mascara & Eye Brow in #26 (Volume)
Velieve DD Cream
Makeup Forever Rouge (N23)

Tools Used:
Laneige Eyelash Curler
13Rushes Angled Mini

Final Makeup Look:
Here's the final look based on the steps in the video, I skipped blush because I'm going for a rock concert and rock chicks dont need blush! Haha!

That being said, feel free to add your own touch to the look~ If you want a softer look, simply line your eyes differently. For the look below, all I did was to follow my natural shape of my eyes.

Do you like this look?
If you try out any of my tutorial, feel free to upload snapshots of your look, #Jodulu and @Jodulu! You might just stand a chance to win yourself a mini goodie bag from me!

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