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HKCPlaza: Britty Eyeshadow Cream Pearl and Eye Highlight Point with Swatches [Sponsored Review]

Hi ladies!
It's past midnight and I'm gonna talk about makeup (and yes I'm going to make this short)!
Recently, HKCPlaza launched a makeup brand and I went gaga when I saw their instagram post... so when I was given the opportunity to play with the collection, I accepted it immediately! Haha!

 A makeup brand with the concept of providing convenience, Britty focuses soley on eye makeup. Their collection includes products such as eyelash base & essence, eyeshadows, highlight & point, mascaras, brush eyeliner and even makeup remover.

Personally, I am in love with this collection!
I like that the packaging is fuss-free, light for travel and the pigments are just lovely!

From top to bottom:
Eyeshadow Cream Pearl in #24, #23,#22 and
Eye Highlight Point #25

Here's the swatches of their Eyeshadow Cream Pearl and Eye Highlight Point:

All of Britty's Eyeshadow Cream Pearl comes in a tube form and with a wand applicator for both the cream and loose shadows. I love how pigmented all of them are, but my favourite is #24 because it is a very wearable shade and the loose shadow is just way~ too pretty! It appears white but upon application, it becomes a beautiful purplish pink!

I am also amazed by how long these last in our climate too. Alone, the cream shadow will fade, especially if you have oily lids, but together with the loose shadow~ these babies can last for the whole day!

As for the Eye Highlight Point #25, it is also in a tube form and its Eye Hightlighter comes with a wand applicator while the Eye Point is with a mini brush (liquid liner brush).

For more information on Britty, head over to

Oh! and in the next few days, I will be doing a series of makeup tutorial using Britty's products! So, please do return for the posts!

Good night!

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