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Look Of The Day: Elegant Eye Makeup with Britty

Want to create a look that you bring out the confident you but you dont want to end up with a face full of makeup? Here's my take on an Elegant Eye Makeup Look and my second series of makeup look using Britty's makeup products:

View the steps here:

Products Used:
Britty Eyeshadow Cream Pearl in #23
Britty Brush Eyeliner
Britty Mascara & Eye Brow in #26 
Britty Mascara & Eye Brow in #27
Studio78 Paris Bi-phased Water Foundation
Everyday Minerals (Summer Stroll)
Tarte LipSurgence Lipgloss (Blissful)

Tools Used:
Sponge Tip Applicator
13Rushes Angled Flat Top Mini
13Rushes Tapered highlighter 
Laneige Eyelash Curler

Final Makeup Look:
They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul, so why not draw attention to them with a little sparkle and one of the most used colour in Korean Makeup Trend, orange!

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