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GlamPalm: How To Get Shiny Straight Hair

Hey hey! I'm just going to jump straight into topic (pun intended) of how to achieve Shiny Straight Hair, especially if your hair's condition is far from shiny and straight.

So, if you are like me...
You hair tends to have a life of its own, is wavy or curly, has been dyed way~ too many times and you heaps of baby hairs...
Continue reading to find out how I keep my hair looking neat, tame and healthy.

First off, I always recommend using a product to protect your hair from any type of heat. Here, I am using TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray. I chanced upon this baby since I was 17 and I have been using this product ever since.

That being said, I could actually skip this step with GlamPalm's 501 Hair Styler because its plates are infused with crystal technology that heals hair with heat! So no harm done *wink*

The second product you need is a comb or a brush, here~ I am using an all-natural boar bristles brush. Why? Because it helps reduce frizz and static, improves the overall condition of your hair, and helps to grip the hairs securely later with the use of the flat iron.

The third product is a flat hair straighter!

Read this post here to learn more about my Glampalm's 501 hair styler and on how I create curls with it!


1) Prep your hair by misting it with a heat protectant, 6-8 inches away from mid-shaft to ends.

2) Brush to distribute the product evenly. You may use your fingers for this step.

3) Then, start by parting your hair into sections. Work with small sections, I have quite a lot of hair... so I broke mine into 12 sections.

4) Turn on your flat iron beforehand if it takes time to heat up. My Glampalm 501 takes roughly 15 seconds to heat up to 150°C, which is roughly the time I take to pick my hair section and prep it for the styling.

5) Start by taking your first section, brush through it to ensure that there are no knots. Then, with the brush gripping onto the section of the hair, place it between the flat iron, clamp down and glide down with the brush leading the way. Before the flat iron reaches 1/3 of the end, bring your brush back up to the roots and repeat the steps again. I usually go through the sections 2 times, more if the section is bigger.

6) Repeat for the rest of the sections.
7) You may end once you managed to straighten you hair out, but if you are like me with baby hairs and damaged hair ends~ You may want to use a hair serum of your choice and to fix flyaways down with hairspray.

For me, I'm using Origins Crystal Serum. I was introduced to this serum by my mum, and have been using it for 4 years now. Ideally, look for a hair serum that is nourishing and one that doesn't weigh your hair down, because (especially) with this straight hairstyle, as it may end up making your hair look limp.

I usually use 2 pumps of this serum, and warm it up between my palms before applying it from the hair ends, and slowly working my way up to the roots.

I generally try to avoid hairspray because its bad for the hair and the environment, so I stick to my hair serum only and ignore any flyaways that are too stubborn.

And we are done!

Overall, the whole process took me only 10 minutes because of the fast heat-up and the smart crystal technology of GlamPalm's plates, that helps to smooth out the cuticle layer of the hair for that soft shiny result!

Here's the before, mid-way and after look, on the left I did a slight curl inwards. While on the right, I simply drag the styler down.

You can choose to end of with either, I generally do a slight curl inwards because a straight down look actually makes me look fiercer than I really am. Haha!

To achieve that curl towards the end, just twist your flat iron inwards and up a little for a softer look!

Thats~ all!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post!

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  1. Come on la your hair is awesome who cares if it's not straight?!??? It could be gay (harh harh) and I'll swap it with you!!