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Sephora: What are the Must-Get items

Ever since the introduction of Sephora on our tiny red dot, it has been the equivalent of paradise to Beauty Junkies like me. I tend to step into Sephora whenever I feel down and go around testing makeup and skincare and I instantaneously feel better (Am I the only one?)!!!~ There is something magical about playing around with beauty products~

A place for the exploration of multiple beauty brands, and the freedom to move around, try, touch, and smell; it's easy to overlook their own in-house brand.

So with my numerous journeys to "paradise", I have come up with a list of some of Sephora products that I think have been shadowed by the various brands in the store and are in need of a rave!

Here's the list:

1. Rouge Infusion Lip Stain 

A lip stain with great colour payoff that leaves the lips soft, this must-have lip stain  provides buildable coverage for a natural, sophisticated, or glamorous look. The weightless lip product (formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates) leaves lips stained, soft, hydrated, and refreshed upon application!

I got this awhile back in September last year, in the shade of Red Essence, and it has been one of my go-to products that needs to endure time and wear. This works well when I'm with my guy too, because it doesnt transfer to his lips or cheeks when I kiss him with this on. Haha! 

To Use:
-Apply directly to the lips.
-Start in the middle of the lips, and then gently spread product to the edge of the lips.
-To avoid getting the product on the skin around the lips during application, outline the lips with the universal lip liner first.
-For more intense color, apply three layers of Rouge Infusion onto the lips, waiting a few seconds between each application. For a softer effect, apply it just once.

2. Pro Lesson Palette


A makeup palette with illustrated lesson to help you create two looks: a natural nude eye and a smoky nude eye for day & night. Easy to follow without flipping between pages or looking for cards, the instructions are printed directly on the palette. Once you learn new a new technique, the six included eye shadows create endless options. Each eye shadow is made with a high-payoff and blendable formula, while the eye pencil is highly pigmented and designed to avoid tugging. Color products are stored in a high-quality compact that features a magnetic closure.

If you are starting out with makeup, this palette will be perfect for you! I dont have this collection in my makeup stash but I do own a few of Sephora's other palette (Got them when I was in New York) and I've been in love ever since! The colour payoff is good and the shades are just lovely~ Hence, I would recommend their palette sets.

To Use:
-Simply follow the instructions on the palette or experiment as you wish!

3.Clear Defining Mascara


Help lift lashes and enhance your natural curl with this defining, separating formula that imparts a glowing shine onto lashes. The jumbo, silicone applicator encourages a gorgeous curve and the addition of pure silk keeps the shape in place. This mascara is great for the gym or beach, providing lift without the threat of accidental smudges.

I've got a confession to make, I use this as a brow gel too... Heh. It's really stretching the uses of this product, and it paid off! Works great as a brow gel, but a note here is to apply this gel on first, let it dry and then colour in your brows to fill up any gaps. Because, you wont want to turn the clear gel to a murky brown... right?~

To Use:
-Apply using the curved applicator, wiggling from root to tip to enhance the full lift and curl of lashes.
-Apply to your brows with the applicator, working the brush to help you set your unruly brows the way you deem.

And~ that's the end of my list, hope this helps you to start exploring Sephora collection of products! Do feel free to share with me your Sephora Must-Get list and your thoughts on my list!

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