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Mefitted: The World's First Interactive Directory for Beauty

Have you ever been in a situation where you really need a quick beauty fix asap and just walk into a random shop hoping for the best, only to come out from the whole experience regretting it?

Do you find it a chore to have to Google and do heaps of researches on a particular service, only to be overwhelmed with all the site-hopping?


Well, I've great news!

The search and stress are over with the use of Mefitted , a new local interactive online beauty directory for grooming, beauty and style,  Mefitted provides beauty enthusiast with the right tools to find industry professionals based on location and recommendations by users called ‘Mefitters’.

This interactive directory makes it easier for beauty patrons and enthusiast to discover beauty/ grooming related services around locations that we never knew existed, all in just a few simple clicks! Featuring over 8,000 listings in Singapore from salons and spas, to tailors and dry cleaners, embarking on a journey towards grooming perfection has never been easier.

Moreover, Mefitted also has a community of reviewers (a.k.a. Mefitters) who share experiences and recommend their favourite haunts, to help you make informed and unbiased decisions by allowing you to compare results, read reviews all in one single site!

So, if you have a passion in helping others discover and find great grooming professionals, brands and other tips and secrets, go ahead and be a Mefitter today!

That being said, I have just added Pure Tincture into Mefitted with my review on their service!

So you see~ Mefitted doesn't only benefit people looking for beauty services, but also businesses! Especially if you are a business that is looking to boost your online presence in the grooming and beauty industry. Mefitted equips businesses with the right online tools to engage with potential customers and increase sales by considering both the needs of companies and individual beauty professionals alike, Mefitted offers an effective yet affordable online platform that allows businesses to tap into a larger customer audience, ultimately strengthening the exposure in the increasingly relevant worldwide web!

So start exploring with Mefitted and feel free to add your list of beauty/ grooming services to it today!

This post has been brought to you by, the world's first interactive directory for grooming, beauty and style.

Disclaimer: I recommended Pure Tincture because I truly love their service. I am not paid to promote Pure Tincture.