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HKCPlaza: Day/Neutral Makeup with ESYORO X JODULU Makeup Palette Collection

Hey hey, ladies~ I've got something exciting going on.
Tadaa~ Here's my very first makeup collaboration with, I have handpicked these shades to create my very own Day-to-Night Makeup Palette from ESYORO!

I've carefully selected these shades for asians with brown eyes, hence the purple and blue eyeshadows and a set of cool & warm blush!

This palette comes with (from the left):
2x Lip Colours
2x Blushs
6x Eyeshadows

So to kick things off, I will be doing a series of makeup tutorials using the shades from this palette and I will be starting from the basic, neutral/day makeup look!


1. Start with a clean, cleansed and moisturised face.
2. Primp your eyelids and conceal around your eye area.
3. Picking up (A) with a brush, pat this shade onto your eyelids and build up the intensity of the pigments layer by layer. Then, a trick I use to help me know where to blend up to, along my crease line is to keep my eyes open and run the brush along it.
4. With (A), run this shade along the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line to create a balanced look.

5. Picking up (B) with a finger, pat this shade into the inner corners of the eyes. Blend this shade into (A) for a soft gradient transition, and bring this shade down to the inner lower lash line too.
6. It's time for eyeliner! I love love love using liquid eyeliner, so here's how I line my eyes with it. I start from the center, drawing a very thin line to the end of my eye (following my lash line). Then I go back to the center and tightline, and to make the line appear more seamless, I tightline 1/3 from the start of my eyes and build the line thicker towards the end. To create my flick, I look straight ahead into the mirror and draw the flick along the area where my eyelids fold naturally.

7. To create a soft illusion of depth, I used (C) on my outer crease. Do note to pick up very little product for this step, and blend it softly into the crease from the outer to the inner corners.
8. Curl your lashes and brush on a mascara of your liking to the top and bottom lashes.
9. And for brows, I used (C) to draw and define my brows.

10. For cheeks, I used (D) which is a coral pinkish shade, on the apple of my cheeks.
11. And lastly, for lips, I used (E) with a lip brush for precision. The product is build-able, so just layer on as much as you like to build up the intensity of the product. It is a nude pink shade and it's perfect for this Day/Neutral look!

And that's the end of this tutorial!
As usual, feel free to share with me on Instagram (@Jodulu) if you try out this tutorial!
This palette can be purchased from my account on Shopee (here)!

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