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Remember the times when you are a kid and the idea of working sounds like a game?

Remember the time when you started working as a teenager and earned your first pay?

Remember the time when you started working as an intern to build up your resume, all in hopes of earning that edge among your peers in the business world?

I remembered all that.

I also recalled the first time I "worked" as a child. I was helping my uncle out at his coffee shop. I asked customers if they wanted something to drink, then I would take their orders and bring them their drinks before giving them their change. The experience was new and fun, tiring and challenging but it was so satisfying. And I was given $10 for helping my uncle out for the day.

Yes, all that work for $10.

Thankfully, getting a job when I was a teenager was easier... I was lucky because my mum helped me make a recommendation to her boss for me to help out at the office. And that's how I got my part-time job.

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And to sum it all up,
here's my mini list of "Things To Consider" when applying for a job:

Job Roles
Read through each job role's description before applying, and consider if you are relevant to what the company is looking for and if you can deliver the needed skill sets and perform the tasks at hand.

I also find that it's good and healthy to think about the learning opportunities you may gain from the job. Personal growth is very important when it comes to career, because you will realise after a period, that it may be a little dull when things are stagnant and there is no learning progression.

If you are a student, look for jobs that fit into your holiday breaks, consider the working hours and ultimately, if it allows a work/life balance.

I think it's also important and good to take into consideration of the location of the workplace. The shorter the distance, the shorter the travelling time, the more time you have to prepare for the day and the more motivated you will tend to find yourself waking up for work.

Lastly, the pay you are offered for your time and effort plays an important role too. Nowadays, you can check online easily for the market rates of the pay for a specific job to make sure that you are being fairly remunerated. However, that being said, some times (especially with Non Profit or Start-Ups) there are certain companies that can't offer much and here's how I would then take into consideration the experiences I can gain from the job.

For example, I work for a Non Profit and while I do get paid a sum per project... sometimes I don't get paid at all but I gain in many other ways like life experiences that not many can experience~ Like representing Singapore in Environmental-Related Congress and forums, overseas.

So there you have it~ My mini list of advice!
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