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Shou Slimming: VelaShape Treatment For Cellulite [Sponsored Review]

After attending the Opening of Shou Slimming Center at One Raffles Place a few weeks back, I decided to give their service and treatment a trial last weekend.

So What Is Shou Slimming Center Known For?

Shou is reputed for combining eastern and western treatments to deliver effective weight loss with minimal downtime, such as combining TCM massage techniques with the latest Western slimming technologies like Velashape, LPG, and Fat Freeze.

Shou revolutionizes body slimming through the use of safe and effective treatments, their personalized and natural treatments remove stubborn fat in a painless manner. Shou treatments do not require any pills, meal supplements, injections, crash diets or sweaty workouts to help clients achieve the body they have always wanted.


To get things started, I was asked to fill in a basic evaluation form of my personal details like Name, Address and Health Condition.

Photo taking and Measurement
After filling up the form, I was guided into one of their rooms and it was in the privacy of the room where the measurements like the circumference of my thighs, tummy and arms took place.

After which, I was given a robe to don on to walk out of the room to a corner where my weight was taken with this cool weighing machine that could also determine my body fat percentage, water percentage, etc.

Wear proper underwear if you are an shy individual, because measurements are taken when you are in your undergarments only.

Assessment and Recommendation of Treatment
After the measurement, my therapist went through my assessment with me highlighting my current health/figure condition, the ideal calories intake for a healthy figure, and the amount of fat I have to drop for ideal healthy figure.

And despite being relatively skinny, my troubled areas are my lower body and my cellulite. So my recommended treatment is VelaShape

VelaShape treatment uses the first and only FDA-cleared device that contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas such as thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen. VelaShape treatment uses a combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage that is specially designed to reshape body contours and improve skin texture. 

Clients will achieve a sculpted physique while also feeling younger after treatment.

I was told that the radio frequency produces the heat that will help "burn" fat, while the suction and mechanical massage helps to breakdown fat, and the infrared light energy helps to tighten the skin, and increase skin elasticity.

Start Of Treatment
To start things off, I was asked to changed into a disposable thong and asked to lie face down onto the bed. Then, my therapist proceeded to cover me with a few layers of blanket to keep me warm, exposing only one area to start the treatment before apply a moisturizing cream that will aid the operation of the machine.

I was told that the cream is just to ensure that the machine has a surface that is smooth and lubricated to allow the machine to glide around the area for treatment, in my case, it was my thigh and butt area.

End of Treatment
After the end of the treatment, I was given a rub down to remove the cream and a quick massage before I got up to change. And once I was dressed, I was brought out and seated down for a cup of water and to sign off my treatment service before leaving the center!


Roughly 1 hour. 30 mins was spent on measurement, 30 mins on treatment (15mins per area).

Overall Ambiance:
Dark but cozy, clean and neat. The room that I was in, has a sink and a large mirror, which was great because I could ensure that I'm well dressed after treatment or use it to touch up my makeup before leaving the center.

Ok, I pondered very hard on whether I should show you the whole portion of my thigh but decided that it's too revealing for my comfort... So~ I've cropped out and focus on areas that can still illustrate the effectiveness of the treatment.

I was informed before the treatment that the benefits of Velashape are a gradual smoothing of skin's surface, a noticeable reduction in cellulite, a circumferential reduction with noticeable reshaping of treated area, and possible reduction in the appearance of stretchmarks (woes of growing up too tall too fast).

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from 1 treatment but the Before/After results are really amazing!
Upper Right Thigh Area
Overall, the treated area feels more toned, my skin looks firmer, the dimples of my cellulite appear to be less "deep"  and the stretchmarks look lighter. A quick pinch test also revealed a less lumpier skin.
Upper Left Thigh Area
As for the sensation of the treatment, I would say that the suction and mechanical massage feels very similar to a kneading type of massage. And while there was heat from the radio frequency, it is bearable (up to 40°C) as the temperature builds up slowly and gradually.

As for the pain factor, I would say that it's bearable (3.5 out of 10, 10 being excruciating painful) but it felt more painful for my left than right leg, especially on the sides of the thighs.

Despite only doing 1 treatment, I really think that if I were to continue with this treatment, I will be able to see an even greater reduction of my cellulite. Now, even though I've mentioned the effectiveness this treatment has for cellulite, VelaShape is also used to help tone up and define troubled area but I've focused solely on cellulite because it's what troubles me the most.

If you are interested to find out more about VelaShape or the other treatment Shou Slimming offers, feel free to head over to their website here or their center! 
Psst! Shou Slimming currently has a "Free Trial" Promotion on their web!

Where To Find Shou?
One Raffles Place #04-49/50, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616 
Tel: 6536 9388

Novena Square 238 Thomson Road, #03-37/38, Novena Square Shopping Mall, 307683
Tel: 6252 5822