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Back in my Uni days, I tend to travel quite a bit and it was from those experiences that I've honed my luggage packing skills. I could pack a luggage for a trip in less than 45 minutes, and I'm talking about a well-organised bag for more than a weekend getaway.

So, what's my secret?

Travel light.

Now, I guess it's a Singaporean's mentality to pack for the worst case scenario but that usually means that you end up bringing more than you really need and will actually use. 

What with this month being June and the fact that more long weekend holidays are approaching, I'm going to reveal my list of what I think are the basic outfit items to bring for a summer vacation. The reason why I'm focusing on outfits is because more often than not, people tend to bring lots of clothes only to realize by the end of the trip that they didn't even wore them (happened to me before)! And that's all that extra space that you could have for your new hauls!!!!

So, let's get started:
Now, let's assume that you are going off overseas for a short getaway with plans to relax during the day and party during the night.


1. Bikini Set- Bella Kini 

Whether you are going to throw in some exercise during your vacation by swimming, lazing around the pool or surfing the waves, you can never go wrong with a swimwear item in your bag.

I personally prefer bikini because it allows me to head to the beach whenever I want and it gives me an option to use them as an undergarment if I run out of any clean ones. Heh.

2. Bali Beach Bag- Makaron

I always bring a beach bag along with me when I travel, because it gives me an option to have a bag big enough to carry my toiletries, towels and fresh clothes or~ my shopping haul!

3. Off Shoulder Large Floral Lace Double Layer Dress- Goddiva

You can never go wrong with a girly-flowy dress, it's great for both day and night.
Wear it over your bikini and you can still walk around for sight-seeing, shopping or meal time while always being ready for the beach.

4. Solar + Salina T Bar Sandals- Melissa
Footwear comfort is very important to me, especially when I am travelling, so I will always throw in a pair of sandals into my luggage. They are great for beaches and sight-seeing, because they allow you to air your feet and prevent foot fatigue with the straps around your ankle for support!

The only thing you have to worry about is cracked heels, so do pamper your hardworking feet by the end of the day by rubbing them down with some moisturizer.

Now,  I'm assuming that for this short getaway~ We are simply going to a country that has a very similar climate to Singapore. 

5. Jaquard Binded Cropped Top- Something Borrowed
6. Leafy Shorts- MDS Collections
So for a night out, this outfit pairing would be great!
It's chic and it covers just the right part of your body, so pair it with a pair of heels and you are ready to party or wear it with flats and you can still use this outfit for a day out in the city!

7. Porttt Pointy Heels With Ankle Strap- Steve Madden
I love heels like this because they are such classic, making it easy to pair them up with any outfit.
I shall leave it up to you to decide if you would like to bring a pair of heels with you, but what I've learnt through travelling is that looking good never hurts~ especially if you are out to visit classy places.

8. Metal Trim Asymmetric Clutch Bag- River Island
And in the event that you want to travel light for the night, it's always good to have a clutch for your makeup, wallet, phones and bandages!

9. Yaesa Sunglasses- ALDO
Last but not least, I always travel with my sunglasses!
Don't belittle the uses of this accessory. I use my sunglasses to shed my eye bags and dark circles after a night of partying; to protect my eyes from harmful sun rays; to keep dust and sand out from my eyes; to prop my hair up and away from my face as a hairband; and to have it as a fashion statement.

So pick a pair of sunglasses that says something about your style, I personally love this pair from ALDO!

That's the end of this post!

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Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

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