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Depend: 3-Step Nail Care Range [Sponsored Review]

Yes! I am back with more products from Depend Cosmetics!

After my experience with Depend Gellack, I left my nails bare for 3 weeks to allow it to heal and "breath". In between that period, I was sent this 3-Step Nail Care Range as a follow up and I've been using them ever since to pamper my talons~

Here's my review on this nail care range:

Step 1: Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser

Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser acts as an exfoliator to your nails by removing dead skin cells and promoting better absorption of oxygen and nutrients. It not only increases cell renewal and regeneration it also aids in smoothing out nail surface which allows easy nail polish application. 


  • Apply Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser to the cuticle and around the nail root
  • Leave it for 4 minutes to allow it to take effect. Do not leave in contact with skin and nails for more than 5 minutes
  • Massage the nail and clean using a nail brush
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Recommended to be used once a week. For maximum effect, apply Depend Myrrh Oil next and Depend Cuticle Cream.

Texture: Light serum-like texture with tiny blue beads

Scent: Very mild menthol-like smell

  • Removes dead skin cells around cuticles
  • Promotes healthier and stronger nails
  • Smooth out nail surface

Cost: S$6.90

Product Rating: 5/10

This cleanser does help to gently remove a little dead skin cells around the cuticles, but it isn't strong enough to remove much on its own. Hence, the need to use this with a nail brush and if you ask me, you can do without this product and simply use the nail brush.

Step 2: Depend Myrrh Oil

Myrrh Oil has a long history of medical use and wound-healing properties for thousands of years. Depend saw the potential of Myrrh Oil and enriched it with Vitamin E and Almond Oil. Depend Myrrh Oil provides intensive care to the nails – causing it to be more hydrated and less prone to breaking and peeling.


  • Massage the oil into the nails and the cuticles. The oil can be used daily as required
  • For maximum effect, use Depend Myrrh Oil together with Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser and Depend Cuticle Cream.

Texture: Light oil texture that gets absorbed relatively well

Scent: Citrus like smell, reminds me of mandarin orange


  • Improves nail appearance and growth
  • Keeps nail strong and hydrated
  • Prevents nails from peeling and breaking

Cost: S$7.90

Product Rating: 10/10

I love this! It's very easy to use with a nail polish brush applicator and the main reason why I love this is because a little goes a long way and it doesn't leave an oily/greasy feel. The oil gets absorbed pretty fast and well as you massage it into your nails and cuticles! My tip is to massage the oil as recommended and finish off by rubbing your slightly oily fingertips into your palms and rub all over your hands as you would with a hand lotion.

Step 3: Depend Cuticle Cream

Depend Cuticle Cream sets to end off the whole range with a soft and gentle touch. By applying it on your cuticle, you provide a direct pump of necessary nutrients to your nails and giving it a smooth and hydrating finish. Depend Cuticle Cream is especially important for dry, damaged cuticles and hastens cell regeneration to give you a finer set of talons.


  • Massage the cream into the nails and the cuticles. The cream can be used daily as required
  • Apply at night, and your cuticles will feel more comfortable the next morning
  • For maximum effect, use Depend Cuticle Cream together with Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser and Depend Myrrh Oil

Texture: Light Cream

Scent: Mild floral smell

Soften and moisturize the cuticles
Contains anti-inflammatory properties
Soothes and hydrate skin

Cost: S$6.90

Product Rating: 10/10

Another hit with this product, I love how moisturizing it is despite the light texture. It gets absorbed quickly too! 

That's all for my review!
Caring for your nails and moisturizing your cuticles are never a bad thing, so why not indulge in a little TLC with Depend 3-Step Nail Care Range today!