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Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals: Phyt's Organic facial treatment with Radiancy LHE® [Sponsored Review]

2 weeks ago, in midst of my busy work schedule, I was invited for a facial by Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals.
I went ahead with their Organic Facial with Radiancy LHE® Treatment after a quick consultation was done.

So how does Radiancy LHE® Phototherapy Treatment work?

It uses a non-invasive Light and Heat Based device that initiate collagen regeneration, rejuvenate the skin's appearance, promote toning and tightening of the skin and improve skin texture. 

I was told that it would help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even pore size.
Sounds interesting right?

The products used for this facial are by PHYT'S and they are the Soin Equilibre range.
Soin Equilibre range is the most ideal for me because it introduces the skin to the Phyt's range, and it helps to purify, balance, detoxify and calm the skin - plus it is suited to all skin types.
Continue reading for the treatment steps and my review! 



The first step of the facial is to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin.
This step was done with a cotton pad soaked with makeup removal, and starting from my eyes.
It was followed by a double cleanse using the milk cleanser from the PHYT'S Soin Equilibre kit.

I love the floral scent of the cleanser, it helps me to relax. I also liked how my aesthetician cleansed all the way down to shoulders.


Ok, I have no idea what scrub was used here as it wasn't from the PHYT'S Soin Equilibre kit.
I shall find it out in my next appointment, but it has a menthol scent and I was told that it contains sea salt.

It was applied and left on skin for about 5 mins before my aesthetician massaged the product all over my face (including my eye area) with moist fingertips before the scrub was removed. It was later followed by the toner and to me, the toner has a herbal essential scent kind of like chin chow! Haha!

In this step, my aesthetician covered my eyes with cotton pad soaked with the toner and proceeded with extracting most of my whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Overall, she did it with quite a light touch. The only painful area was my nose when she was squeezing out all my blackheads. 

As part of their service, she also helped me groom my brows. She shaved my strays away and trimmed some of my long brow hairs away. You may choose to opt out of this brow grooming step, especially if you don't like the shaving method.

After a quick toner over the face, it was time for the LHE treatment.

The device emits a light buzzing sound, and I was told to close my eyes with each flash but I wanted to take a photo of it so ignore my disregard for the instruction.

This treatment begins at the sides of the neck to activate the drainage system, followed by the area under chin, then the face before focusing on the targeted areas like my laugh lines.

It is warm when it flashes, and it does get warmer over consecutive shots but nothing unbearable.
It leaves my skin feeling warm after the LHE treatment.

My aesthetician ends off this part with the toner and a facial massage with the oil-based serum to help with the lymphatic drainage.

After the massage, comes the mask. It was applied over my eyes and lips and finished off with cotton pad over eyes. Then, my aesthetician proceed with a head massage, before leaving the room and letting the mask to dry and work its magic.
It was a cooling mask that works well after the LHE Treatment, and it has a slight menthol scent.

After a duration of more than 20 minute, my aesthetician came back to remove mask, and applied the oil-based serum and patted it off with tissue to remove the shine before ending the whole treatment with a Head and Shoulder massage.


Slightly over an hour (Inclusive of consultation, registration)

Overall Ambiance: 
The shop's size is rather small but the space is decently ultilised. Curtains are used to provide privacy. Toilets are located outside but it is quite near to the shop. The room is well sized to accommodate a bed.

It worked really well for my laugh lines. I got my aesthetician to assist me with the phototaking before and after the Radiancy LHE® Phototherapy Treatment, and the results are immediate. You can clearly see that my laugh lines are not as defined after. 

However, for the claim that it will also reduce the size of pores... well, they still look the same to me. I will be heading for my second session this week, so let's see if it requires a few treatment to really see a difference.


I like the session. Having done heaps of facial before, I thought that it was very interesting that the scrub was massaged onto my eye areas and how the mask were also applied onto my eye lids and lips. I always thought that these are the areas to be avoid, and this is my first encounter where these areas weren't.

I'm impressed with the instant results of the reduction of the laugh line even though, to be honest, I don't mind having laugh lines... Hahaha! But I was bumped that my pores still look the same.
Products from left to right: Lait De Soin (Cleanser), Tonique (Toner), Serum C17 (Oil-based Serum), and Masque D17 (Mask)
Image displayed After and Before Use.
 The other thing that I though was very interesting was the products that were used for my facial. As mentioned, they are from PHYT'S which is a 100% natural certified organic skin care products range by Laboratories Phyt's in France, and their professional treatment kits are packaged in individual glass ampules to ensure fresh product & hygienic delivery. I love the scent of most of them and I like the fact that I know that my skin is treated with organic and natural skincare products.

I was told that it will be normal to experience some breakouts after treatment, and while there were a few small whiteheads the next few days, there was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I had pretty flawless skin for the week after.

Where Is Crystal Maiden Located At?

1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi #03-52, Singapore 179803

Opening hours 
Weekdays 11am - 8.30pm
Saturday 11am - 7.30pm
Close on Sunday, Monday & PH

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