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Create Gradient lips with Berrisom Oops Two Tone Lip Bar [Sponsored Post]

Are you a fan of the popular Korean gradient lips?
If you are then, here's 3 new colour from the Newly Launched Korean Brand - Berrisom!

Formulated with sheer butter, jojoba seed and argan oil, these Berrisom Oops Two Tone Lip Bars promise to keep lips moisturised.

1. Lift up the lip bar when wearing so that each main colour gets applied.
2. Rub your lips together so that they will get natural gradation.
3. You will end up having attractive gradient lip.

Full Cover
1. Lay down the lip bar vertically so that the two colours will mix together.
2. Rub your lips together so that they will get natural gradation.
3. You will end up having full coloured lips.


Milk in Coral
I found that the shape and the hardness of the bar made it slightly easier to line my lips with it but because you have to hold the product at a horizontal level to do the gradient, your vision gets blocked a little so do expect that it will take some getting used to, to improve. That being said, the product is very blendable, so all you have to do is to smack and rub your lips together and it blends seamlessly!

Milk in Pink
I also like that the formulation is very moisturising, without feeling greasy. My lips felt very comfortable with it on and the best part of it is that it doesn't have any of the funky taste or smell that some lipsticks might have!

Milk in Red
My favourite shade out of all 3!
Lastly, I like that the pigmentation of these bars is very strong and fine making the colours very buildable and lasting but do also expect a little staining on the lips.

 These Berrisom Oops Two Tone Lip Bars are available at selected Guardian stores for a limited promotion price of $13.90 (Usual price $16.90).