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Mythbusters: Is there really no career advancement with a Charity Organization?


“The Nonprofit Sector is for people who could not make it in the business world.” 

The Truth:

Nonprofit organisations are full of intelligent people with a passion for their work (many with graduate degrees and years of experience in the sector).

I can vouch for this fact, coming from a Double Major Degree in Management and Marketing with a total of 7 years of working experience! In fact, over the period of my time spent with people from the Nonprofit Sector, I've met many brilliant individuals who are not only smart but also dedicated to their cause and are always in the circle of many successful people in all walks of life (business world included).


“Working for a Nonprofit is not really a career path.”

The Truth:

The Nonprofit sector provides many people with a lifetime of exciting work. Nonprofits also tend to offer young people more leadership opportunities than other sectors.

I realised this horrifying fact when I first started out in the Business world that progression requires 3 elements:

Qualification - the higher the better
Years of Experience - the more the better
Availability of Space - no room for promotion unless someone leaves

Thankfully, things are a whole lot more different in my industry.
Progression is based on your performance and the intensity of your effort, the space for growth is readily available. So yes, I would bloody hard but at least I know it will get me somewhere for sure!

Who says we don't gain new skills!
I'm a master at Jenga now!


"You won't gain any transferable skills from working in a Nonprofit sector."

The Truth:

The Nonprofit organisations need to operate within legal and regulatory frameworks, maintain public support and be accountable to those they serve and the voluntary boards of trustees who oversee them.

 They have to operate in a business-like manner or they would be letting down the huge numbers of people they serve – and they would not survive. So, do expect to be exposed to all the elements of skill sets you will gain as if you are managing a business.

Personally, I've learnt more than business-related skills like sales/fundraising, recruiting, coaching/ mentoring, managing a team; I've also picked up skills that gave me personal growth like better interpersonal/ communication skills, being more productive, and even handling rejections. Friends and family have commented that I'm a much more positive person now compared to my past! 

Sounds like a change you would like in your life?
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