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Panasonic Beauty: Other Uses With Panasonic Beauty Gadgets

Ah~ Life has been pretty good as a beauty blogger, we get access to the newest & latest products before they are launched and we get to put things to the test!

That's what I really love about being a beauty blogger, the geek in me adores this experiential phase of analyzing and reviewing something that companies claim and we get to say if it is really true or if it's just another marketing gimmick.

And more often then not, we find something that is really good and we add it to, what I refer as,  "My Non-Blogger Mode Routine". These items are the products I head back to after the reviewing process.

Recently, as part of the Top 10 Finalist of Best Beauty Blog for Singapore Blog Awards, Panasonic has loaned us 3 of their Beauty Gadgets to test and blog about:

From top to bottom:
Nano-sized Ionic Facial Steamer EH-SA31, Facial Cool Putter EH-SQ10 and Warming Facial & Body Roller EH-SP32

I have been using these 3 gadgets for 3 weeks now and I have racked my brain on how can I write about these products without sounding like a broken record from my fellow finalists.

Before I dive into the exciting portion, let me clear the white elephant in the room...
I have published a post on the facial steamer before, so I'm not going to repeat myself.
You may view my post HERE.

Now, for this post~
I have thought long and hard as a blogger reviewing them and as an end consumer, what would you want to know before you part your money and purchase these items..
Things that will be taken into consideration are:
How can it benefit me?
Does it really work?
How much is it?
Will I be using it frequently?

Here's how I answer these questions, one product at a time:

Nano-sized Ionic Facial Steamer 

How can it benefit you?
It makes steaming your face really easy and quick, and effectively introduce moisture back into your skin because the water molecules are of nano-size (easier to penetrate and be absorbed).

Does it really work?
It does make my skin feel well hydrated after use and when paired with a scrub & a mask after, it does seem to keep blemishes at bay but if you are buying this in hopes that it will shrink your pores... don't bother. Your pores don't "close up" with this.

How much is it?

S$199 (inclusive of 7% GST)

Special Promo: S$174, inclusive of delivery and 7%GST
(Skip to the bottom of this post for Info on ordering with this promo)

Will you be using it frequently?

The total facial steaming experience takes around 7 minutes including setup, which is good if you are short of time. The frequency of usage is dependent on your skin type and on your dedication in using this product as part of your skincare routine.

That being said, I found that this facial steamer gadget can be used in 2 other ways to further stretch your usage of it!

Hair Steamer: Simply recreate this salon experience at home with this steamer! Wash your hair as per normal, coat the ends of your hair with a conditioning hair mask and position the steamer directly to your hair ends and relax for the next 6 minutes. Repeat as desired.

Personally, I parted my hair in the middle and steamed one side each for 6 minutes before jumping back into the shower to wash the mask off.

Humidifer: For me, I don’t like sleeping in an air-conditioned room because I find the air too dry and I would always wake up with a dry throat. But lately, it’s been too hot to fall into sleep so I’ve resorted to trading a dry throat for a good sleep… until I realised that this steamer helps to alleviate the dryness of the air.

Once my first alarm ring, I turn to my side and switch the steamer on while I fall back into sleep for my next alarm to ring. In between that time, the steamer act as a humidifier to add back some moisture into my airway and I wake up feeling better! Simply position the steamer to direct the steam towards your face and fill it up with water the night before.

Warming Facial & Body Roller

This is a facial roller that comes with 2 different head attachment and a heat element in it to provide a variation of different experiences.

The Squeezing attachment squeezes and lifts up the skin while the Rubbing attachments rubs the skin upwards. This facial roller aims to help you achieve a less puffier, sharper face while the warming elements helps to boost circulation and provide a more comfortable experience.

How can it benefit you?

Ok, if your goal is to roll your way to a “sharper” face… don’t bother. If you tend to wake up with a puffy face or you are looking at adding facial massage as part of your skincare routine, then yes. This facial roller is going to be beneficial.

Does it really work?

As a facial massager, this gadget does the job. It really does grip onto the skin well to give it a proper massage and I've seen a slight depuffying effect after use.

How much is it?

S$189 (inclusive of 7% GST)

Special Promo: S$159, inclusive of delivery and 7%GST
(Skip to the bottom of this post for Info on ordering with this promo)

Will you be using it frequently?

It depends if you are into massaging. If you are really committed to it then I would say yes. Because besides using it for the face, this massager works for the body too!

Relieve muscle aches:
I’ve found it effective in relieving the aches in my calf after a long day on my feet, the warmth from the device helps make the massaging experience even more comforting. I find that it helps to loosen the tension in my muscles!

Tone Up:
Another use of this massager is to use it to help tighten flabby areas like your lower abdomen or even your “butterfly wings”. Simple roll along the area using the appropriate attachment for the troubled area. Now, I didn’t try this out but it was something that was brought up during the Wellness workshop. But I thought that it was a smart way to use this gadget.

Facial Cool Putter

This little device works by cooling the skin on contact, reaching to temperatures as low as 10°C in less than a minute. It claims to help tighten skin, shrink pores and cool the skin.

How can it benefit you?

My dear Panasonic, you need to stop with the pores shrinking and go with other rational terms like prevent enlargement of pores or something like that. Because once the pores are enlarged, they don't close up with steam or ice. Steaming helps to prevent the pores from getting bigger by unclogging or preventing the blockage with a good skincare routine. Ultimately, to prevent enlarged pores, you've got to keep your sebum secretion and skin hydration at a balance.

Does it really work?

It does give a tightening effect because of the low temperature but once your skin warms up, it goes back to the way it is... kind of like.. well~ excuse me.. nipples! Haha, but yes, that's how the skin and muscle reacts to the cold, they contract.

How much is it?

S$129 (inclusive of 7% GST)

Special Promo: S$109, inclusive of delivery and 7%GST
(Skip to the bottom of this post for Info on ordering with this promo)

Will you be using it frequently?

I think this is pretty much similar to the facial massager, it is more practical to use it if you are really troubled with issues like puffiness but I found it useful in various ways too!

Cooling and Calming: With the recent spike in temperature and the dry season here, this gadget is really useful in cooling myself down. I would flick it on and in around 30 seconds, the special treated metal plate would be cold (but not damaging as ice cold) and I would pat it on my forehead, cheeks like neck. I also use it to calm down freshly picked pimples (yes, I have itchy hands) as mentioned during the Wellness workshop and it really does work!

Cold Compress: Nowadays with my hectic work schedule, I have the tendency of waking up with puffy tired eyes and I have discovered that this works great at reducing the puffiness under my eyes.

And since it works wonders for my puffy eyes, I would also think that it will be good to bring down the swell in sprains! No more dripping wet plastic bags with ice, just flick the switch on and "putter" the sprain away!

So with all that said, here's the good part now:

How can you order under the promotional price?

1. Email to with subject:
Blog readers' promo - Panasonic Beauty (

2. In the email, indicate product name, model, and quantity of purchase.

3. Indicate which blog you saw this promo from (my blog's url).

Panasonic Singapore will reply to the emails directly with the payment and delivery details.
Please note that this promotion is valid till 5 July 2015 only, while stocks last.

Be Be-YOU-tiful!