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Prep: Singapore's First Blowout Only Salon [Sponsored Review]

Hi Ladies!
As a Mefitter of, I was invited to review the service of Prep.

So what is Prep?

 PREP is Singapore's first Blowout only hair salon.
Wash, massage, blow-dry and you're prepped to go.

Their blowout style ranges from the classic blowout to intricate up-dos to customized styles.

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu: 10-9 / Fri-Sat: 10-8 / Sun: 11:30-7:30

333A Orchard Road, #03-34 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897


Disclaimer: Ok, before I dive into my verdict~ I need to declare that I didn't do the full service. Reason being is that I had a confusion with my booking and the venue, so I ended up being late and only had my hair styled. 

Duration: Just for the styling, close to 45mins but I figured it really depends on individual too. Your hair length, thickness and blowout style will make a difference.

Ambiance: It has quite a clean modern organic ambiance. The chair is comfy to sit in too, which is very important!

Service: I received a call from them when I was making my way to the salon, the lady who called me was very rude and she just ended the phone mid way when she asked me to be on hold while she was supposed to check with her colleague to see if they can still fit me into their schedule. 

After I reached and we got over the little hiccup of clashed appointments due to my late arrival~ Things got back on track, and the hairstylist that was doing my hair was helpful in recommending different aspects of the hairstyle I wanted to suit my features, and work on my hair until I was satisfied.

I would have loved if they did a confirmation of my booking a few days in advance, as a standard practice, because the booking wasn't done by me personally... hence the confusion but it's a minor thing. Overall, I had a good experience with their service because it was saved by the one who did my hair.

Price: Ranges from $45 to $220 (Click here to view services and price)

Results: I wanted a 1920s hairdo to match the theme of "Time Travel" for #OMYSBA2015 Event Night and here's the outcome:


If given that I have done the full service, perhaps I would be able to provide more feedback on the benefits of the wash and perhaps it would make a difference in how my hair would be blown-dried (my style was achieved with a hot iron). I could tell that the results weren't long lasting because some of my hair was losing its curls before the event even ended and I had quite a lot of frizz but I'm satisfied with the look achieved and will consider trying Prep out again for other events!

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