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Musee Platinum Tokyo: The truth behind their "No Hard Selling" claim [Purchased Review]

Ever since I started posting my experience with Japan IPL Express, many of you wanted to know more. So before I touch on my experience with Musee, I shall answer the questions that some of you have left for me under my comment section or via my email.

Does it hurt?

Depending on your personal threshold for pain, I would say that I found the pain from IPL very much more tolerable than waxing. It feels more like an ant bite or being lightly and quickly poked with a warm needle.

Will the hair grow out stubby after shaving?

Yes, after shaving, the shaft of the hairs will be different and it will appear stubbier. However, after IPL, most of the hairs will fall out so it's not a big issue.
Before shaving and after shaving.

What happened after your first visit with Japn IPL Express?
I wanted to see how long it will take once I stop doing the treatment for the hairs to grow back. So I haven't been back. It took me roughly 3 months for the hairs to regrow.

I'm currently on the search of another salon that offers a similar price range as Japan IPL Express to test and review... so keep an eye out for that!

Now, with that being said~
Let me share about my experience with Musee Platinum Tokyo!
I've been wanting to test them out and since they were having a GSS Special for their Underarm and Bikini line treatment, I decided to test out this process for those areas.


1) Consultation

Your first appointment with them is just purely for them to talk to you about what you want, their packages and what to expect of the treatment. Once those details are ironed out, you proceed to make payments and it's only then that you are allowed to make a booking for the treatment. 

2) Treatment Session - Getting Ready

So I had to go back 1 week later for my first treatment.
After I've arrived, I was brought into one of their treatment rooms. In here, I got to change into a gown.

And as soon as the therapist got me laid down on the bed, she proceeded to cover my eyes with an eyewear that had paper towel in between so I couldn't see anything.

So everything else from that moment onwards is perceived by my other senses, and I believe that what my therapist did was that she wiped and disinfected my armpit area before using an electronic shaver to prepare the area for the S.S.C Hair Removal process.  

5) Gel Application & Start of S.S.C Hair Removal

Once that was done, a cool gel was applied onto the area before the therapist started zapping away.
Then, the eyewear was removed and replaced with a towel on top on the paper towel.

6) After S.S.C Hair Removal Treatment Steps

Here in Musee, they added this step which involves cooling the treated area down with a cool cloth for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, my therapist came back and applied some lotion onto the area, removed the towel from my eyes.

Then she left the room to allow me to change into my clothes, and when I got out, I was asked to make my next appointment before leaving the salon.


Duration: About 25 minutes

Overall Ambiance of the room: A simple room that looks almost like a clinic room with a cupboard for your belongings and a hanger on the wall for your clothes.

I'm going to state it out right now that my consultation wasn't a very enjoyable experience. Firstly, I thought that it was the most inefficient process to separate the treatment with the consultation because let's be honest, I want to do my treatment immediately. It's a waste of my time and transport to go down just for a consultation.

Secondly, for a company that states that they don't hard sell and that their staff thinks from the customer's perspective... I feel that it's a marketing gimmick. Because I felt that the consultant that served me was pushing for me to buy a more expensive package than the GSS Special for Underarm and Bikini Line. Not only did she speak like she just can't wait for the session to be over, she decided instantaneously that I don't need to bother about my bikini line area and ignored my request to just write it down on my profile for the service first.
That came about because I was trying to know what area does the Bikini line cover and I made the comment "Oh, that's the area that I don't think I will have much hair", so she went "oh ok, then you just do armpit" and proceed to write it onto my profile without even doing a through check. And to clarify, I did tell her that I prefer that she just write down armpit and bikini line, but she shot me down and just commented "Oh, if you think you don't have much hair for that area then no point. You just do armpit." Shocking, isn't it?

That being said, the therapist who attended to me was better, she explained most steps and made sure I was comfortable throughout. However, she was also pushing me to do more besides my armpits. And I realised that they use the same speech to get me to pay for more. It's always about how it is much better to do all the areas at one go rather than doing my armpits first to see how effective it is because that will take up more time.

This time round because it's just my armpits, I have no qualms using real photos to illustrate the effectiveness of the treatment.  As you can see, I have a few bald patch after the treatment so it is probably working and that's taking into consideration that they limit to 6 sessions per year.  I will do a follow up post after my 4th session.
Left: Before treatment, shaved. Right: After treatment, with hair grown out

Price: $30 for armpit, 6 sessions for the first year. Another 6 session for the next and once every 3 months for the third year on wards. 


I won't deny that it is effective and that I appreciate that that steps were taken to ensure that everything is hygienic, however, it is not one of the cheapest overall. It is the cheapest for underarm, but I've checked the rates for the lady bits (the areas that really matters) and it's quite costly with quite a confusing payment scheme for the number of sessions.

Someone should look into how the staffs are speaking to their customers, especially since it's been claimed that Musee do not practice hard selling. Because just from my 2 visit to the salon (one for consultation, the other for treatment), I've ready felt like the staffs are pushing me to do more than just my armpits.

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