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How to ace the bohemian luxe style with

The style of bohemian has always been associated with words like "Free-spirited", "Flowy & Layered" or even "Earthy". Just imagine flower crown, long beach dresses and braided wavy hair.

Bohemian Luxe is something more polished and classy without loosing the free spirited vibes. So how does one go around acing this style?

Well, I did my work and here's my selection for a casual day out:

Luxe Lace Shift Dress - Zalora
Lace Longline Kimono - River Island
Coin Layered Necklace - Tagg
Stack Bracelet Bands - Something Borrowed
Metal Belt - Parfois
Round Folding Flash Lenses Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Chavez Gusset Boots - RUBI

Start With Something Classy And Elegant

Imagine this piece as the base or structure of the whole look, this will be the difference between the Bohemian Luxe or Bohemian Chic look.

So with that being said, I've selected a Lace shift dress as my base because lace is back in trend and lace always make everything look elegant.

Accessorize With Class

When you think of Bohemian, you will most likely think of layered bracelets and necklaces.
However, the aim here is to do that while looking classy so rather than pilling up accessories like no tomorrow~ Choose a layered necklace and stacked bracelets that will match your outfit, either by colour scheme or texture.

Something Flowy

Of course, you can't complete the bohemian look without something flowy!
So I paired the dress with a long lacy kimono, and a plain belt to cinch in the waist.
I chose my selection to keep it constant with the whole lace theme, but you can go with which ever outerwear you like as along as it completes or accentuates the look.

End Off With A Pair Of Boots

To finish off the whole look, I choose a tanned pair of ankle boots to lighten up the whole outfit because my base piece is of a dark colour scheme.

And I throw in a sunnies into the mix because it's something I bring around to shade my eyes from the sun and something that I tend to use to hold my hair back (kind of like a hairband).

Do you like this look?
Let me know what you think!

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