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Braun Silk-épil 9 epilator: Braun's Most Efficient Epilator [Sponsored Review]

A few moons back, I did a review on the innovative Braun Face Epilator and it has been an interesting journey down the path of seeking out the most efficient and effective forms of hair removal. 

Recently, I got the opportunity to test out another epilator product by Braun, Silk-épil 9 Epilator! With a wider epilation head and MicroGrip tweezer technology, this new epilator claims to set a new standard of epilation excellence for a faster more effective result.

What Is It All About?



To Use:
  1. Make sure that the epilation head is clean and provided with a cap (High Frequency massage cap/Skin Contact cap/Facial cap).
  2. Stretch the skin when epilating, and make sure that the epilation area is in contact with your skin.
  3. Guide the appliance in a slow, continuous movement without pressure against the hair growth, in the direction of the growth.
Note: It may also be helpful to guide the appliance in different directions to achieve optimum results.

The High Frequency massage cap provides a closer contact to your skin and an improved adaptation to all body areas, while the Skin Contact cap ensures best skin comfort. And to remove any unwanted hair from the face, use the Facial cap as an optional attachment!
  • Comes with a 40% wider head (compared to other Braun's epilators)that covers more area and removes more hair in one stroke for faster epilation;
  • Integrated with the new MicroGrip tweezer technology that features an improved geometry to increase the plucking and feeding performance, and gently remove more hairs in one stroke;
  • Results in a faster more effective hair removal, that even works on the shortest hairs (0.5mm) that wax cannot catch, for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin;
  • Its Wet & Dry cordless usage allows users to use it in the bath or shower for a gentler epilation;
  •  Get up to 40 minutes of operation after just 1 hour of charging;
  • Comes in 2 speeds for individual needs:
    • Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation
    • Speed 2 for extra efficient epilation
  • Comes with other accessories that support other uses for this epilator like the:
    • Skin contact cap
      • Smoothly adapts to all body contours, especially sensitive areas
    • Facial head or cap
      • To remove unwanted facial hair

Product Rating: 7.5/10
For this review, I grew my fur out and I'm naturally hairy like nature intend me to be. So, mind you~ You've been warned. I have hairy legs. Hahaha! However, that being said, it gave me a very good base with that amount of hair to really test things out. This is the first time using an epilator on my body so I'm really reviewing this as a beginner. An sadly, as a first timer, I conclude that this is not as efficient as I was hoping it to be. Let me draw it out to explain:

I find that while it captures most hair, for an epilator that is this big and intended for the body and marketed to be the most efficient epilator... I was expecting a cleaner pluck. I had to run the device through the same area four times in different directions with different speed and I could still see stray hairs here and there after.

However, that being said, I love that it has 2 different speed that I use on different areas. Speed 2 for areas that I'm already used to the sensation of epilation and Speed 1 for areas that are much more sensitive.

I love that I can use it in the shower because, this device produces a buzzing noise and I can hide that noise with the shower sound without worrying about the water affecting it.

I also like that this comes with interchangeable heads to epilate different areas and a light attached to the device that helps me light the area up for better visual... More often then not, it's the little details that makes a different.

Left: My natural hairy leg condition
Right: To show you how the light helps


The shaver head is designed for a fast and close shave of legs, underarms and bikini line, contour trimming and cutting hair to 5mm length. With the shaver head attached, used the appliance only on dry skin and with Speed 2 setting.

Left: For shaving and contour trimming
Right: With trimmer cap on

To Use:
  1. For shaving, switch to the "Unlocked" side.
  2. For contour trimming, switch to the "Locked side" .
  3. For trimming hair to 5mm length, switch to the "Unlocked" side with the Trimmer cap on.

  • Comes with a Shaver head that allows you to use your epilator as a full-fledged dry shaver and a Trimmer cap to trim hair in sensitive areas.

Product Rating: 9.5/10

I love multi-purpose products and Braun Silk-épil 9 epilator falls into that category with its detachable and interchangeable heads! This works well as a shaver, and I use it after epilating to remove the remaining strays. But... I do find that it still doesn't give me a clean shave unless I go through the area a few times too... maybe it's my hair, they are as stubborn as me. Haha!


To Use:
  1. Click the brush head onto the connection pin until it locks into position.
  2. Moisten face and brush head lightly with water. For best results, you may dispense a cleanser in your hand and massage it over your face.
  3. Switch the device on by pressing the on/off button, and you may change the speed by pressing the 2-speed control button.
  4. Gently brush your face with circular movements for approximately one minute. Avoid the eye area and hairline.
  5. After use, turn off the device before you rinse your face with water.
  6. End off by rinsing the brush with warm water.
  • Cleanses up to 6 times better than manual
  • Removes make-up and impurities for a more radiant skin 
  • 60,000 micro-touches per second gently exfoliate and visibly refine skin complexion 
  • Can be used wet or dry
Product Rating: 10/10
I love this facial cleansing brush! The bristles are much gentler compared to Braun Face standard brush bristles. It manages to cleanse really well without resulting in any redness or soreness. As usual, I did my makeup removal test with the BB cream, eyeliner and a lip liner to put this cleansing brush to the test.

So with a little cleanser and moisten bristles, I pushed the button on and worked it on my skin. I did 10 secs with the speed rotation on the weaker setting and another 10 secs on the higher setting, working the brush in small circular movements before rinsing the area with water.
The results? I ran a cotton pad with a toner and it didn't have any makeup residue on it, not even the usual greyish hue that dead skin cells leave on cotton pad.

The rotation only goes in one direction but it doesn't bother me because it cleansed effectively and efficiently.

The plus point of this is that I can put it down to rinse my face without the brush head touching the surface of my sink. All I had to do was to detach the head from the device and place it facing up.

That's all for my review!
Thanks for reading.