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One Beauty Spa: Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment [Sponsored Review]

Last week, I headed down to One Beauty Spa at Bugis for a Face Treatment, Tribo-Effleurage.

One Beauty Spa’s Tribo-Effleurage is a uniquely formulated face treatment, combining Guasha, Meridian Acupressure(Acu-Meridian) massage and manual lymphatic drainage massage. Its aim is to improve conditions facial like dark eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. It also has instant lifting effects, facial contouring and helps to even out skin tone.

However, upon a closer inspection of my skin,  the therapist advised against this treatment for me because I was having hormonal breakouts. So I did another of their award-winning treatment instead, the Ultimate Radiance Eye treatment. I was told that it helps with dark circles, fine lines and tiredness.


The whole procedure starts with the standard filling up of a form for your details.
Followed by a change of footwear before approaching upstairs to the treatment room where there is a locker for your belongings. A quick visit to the washroom before I entered the room, changed into the robe given and got under the blanket.

Aromatherapy Massage
It starts with a light gentle massage with a lavender essential oil to ease my stress and worries away.

Then it was time to remove my makeup with double cleansing and a swipe of toner.

It was here that my therapist took a moment to analyze my skin and recommended a change of treatment. Once I approve, she continued with the treatment.

My therapist then proceeded with a gentle scrub on my face before wiping it off.

Commencement of Eye Treatment
The treatment starts with the application of the Collagen cream before my therapist started the treatment with the use of the Radio Frequency Machine. Radio Frequency increase the tissue temperature to give deeper penetration of products and better simulation of collagen.

This is followed by the application of a serum and a mild guashua around the eyes.

And to conclude the treatment, a warm honey eye mask was placed onto my eye area.

After a few minutes, my therapist woke me up, removed the mask and concluded the treatment with a head neck massage.


Duration: Around 1 hour 30 mins

Overall Ambiance: A very clean almost clinical with a touch of the usual spa ambiance. I like that the blanket is thick so I am pretty warm most of the time.

Effectiveness: Well, I felt the relieve of tension around my eyes soothed and lifted. I can't see any difference in regards to fine lines or the lightening of my dark circles but it seems to reduce the puffiness of my eye bags a little. 


It's been a week, the interesting thing is that I did a skin analysis and the results showed that my forehead, cheeks and chin were all dehydrated but the elasticity around my eye area is really good. So did this treatment boosted the collagen production around my eye area and hence, the contrasting rating? Well, I leave it to you to decide. But I would definitely recommend this treatment if you need a break to relieve the tension and stress from staring at your computer screen for the whole day at work!

I just want to say that my eyes are naturally uneven with the eye on the Left being the bigger one.
You can see that the corner of my eye being lifted and there is a slight reduction in the size of my eye bag.

Where is One Beauty Spa Located?

Bugis Branch (Opposite Bugis Junction)
14 Liang Seah Street 
Singapore 189035

Tel: +65 6338 4979 
Fax: +65 6333 4979

Opening Hour: 
Mon to Fri - 11am to 9pm 
Sat - 10am to 8pm 
Sun - 10am to 7pm 
(Close on alternate Sunday and on Public Holiday)

Eunos Branch (Opposite Eunos MRT, next to Kampong Ubi CC) 
Block 848, Sims Avenue, Singapore 400848

Tel: +65 6841 4140

Opening Hour: 
Mon to Fri - 11am to 9pm 
Sat - 10am to 8pm 
Sun - 10am to 7pm 
(Close on Public Holiday)

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