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Origins: Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay & Renewal Serum with Willowherb [Sponsored Review]

Pollution can trigger a protein change in skin’s surface, and it accfects our skin tone and vibrancy by making it appear more opaque, yellower, dull and less radiant. On top of that, as we age, our cell turnover slows down and our skin ends up not being as plump as it used to be.

With that in mind, Origins have recently launched a pair of Anti-aging products for ladies facing  quarter-life skin concerns like rough texture, enlarged pores, stressed skin, flaws and loss of radiance.

And it's no secret that Origins products are formulated without the yucky stuff that I've been trying to avoid, like parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA, and even ingredients derived from animals (except cruelty free honey and beeswax).

So, when I was asked to review these products... I said yes and with that being said, 
let's jump into my review:

Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

More than a mask, this innovative two-in-one formula not only functions as a deep cleaning mask it also exfoliates and refines. Our environment and stress take a toll on skin, leaving pores clogged or even enlarged and making skin dull, rough and uneven. This innovative two-phase multi-tasker, helps skin look refreshed and flawless by detoxifying pores and smoothing skin’s texture. The result is glowing skin that is instantly boosted.

To Use:

Wash and cleanse your face as usual.
Apply mask to clean skin. Avoid eye area.
Leave on for 10 minutes.
Wet fingertips and massage face in circular motions to exfoliate.
Rinse well and follow with your serum and moisturizer.
Use 1-2 times per week as a boost to your regimen. 


Texture: Applies on like a creamy clay mask with small beads. Dries off dry and tightens like most clay masks do. Jojoba beads do dissolve with water and really does help to exfoliate.

Smell: A blend of floral scents

  • Deeply cleanse skin to absorb impurities and excess oils while drawing out dirt and build-up from pores
  • Helps restore skin’s clarity and luminosity to reveal much sought-after glow
  • Helps combat dullness and sallowness while restoring skin’s clarity and glow
  • Help keep skin at peak health
  • Gently exfoliate and polish skin’s texture, sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal the look and feel of radiant, smooth skin
Key Ingredients:
I can't seem to find any ingredient list on this product, however, these are the few key ingredients found; Canadian Willowherb, Persian Silk Tree, Rose Clay, Jojoba Beads, Essential Oil blend of Grapefruit, Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Amyris, Chamomile and Clary sage.

Cost: $50

Product Rating: 9.5/10
I love this mask! I love that the exfoliation beads are made of Jojoba wax (which is better for the environment compared to plastic beads) and that it works great at scrubbing away dead skin cells as it breaks down slowly upon contact with water. I find my skin smoother and brighter after use. However, I would caution people with sensitive skin, because it does sting a little upon contact.

Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb

Developed with an innovative blend of ingredients from nature with immediate and long-term benefits, Original Skin Renewal Serum addresses quarter-life skin concerns by refining texture, enhancing radiance and glow, shrinking pores, blurring imperfections and restoring overall quality for glowing and smooth skin.

To Use: 

Wash and cleanse your face as usual. Gently pat dry. 
Squeeze 1-2 dollops of serum onto fingertips. 
Apply serum evenly over face and neck. Avoid eye area. Let it sink in for 30 seconds. 
Follow with your day or night moisturizer as appropriate.
Apply serum to clean face, morning and night as part of your daily skincare regimen. 


Texture: Light, absorbed quickly and easily. Doesn't leave behind any sticky sensation.

Smell: A blend of floral scent


  • Refines skin’s texture and minimizes pores
  • Boost skin cell turnover and eliminates roughness
  • Counteracts flakiness and improves overall texture
  • Helps balance skin’s production of sebum to tighten and shrink the appearance of pores
  • Restores radiance and rebounds from Stress
  • Helps restore skin’s clarity and luminosity to help recreate original glowing skin
  • Help keep skin at peak health
  • Boosts translucency for optimal looking skin
  • Visibly blurs skin with a blend of optics that immediately corrects dullness and visibly softens the appearance of pores and imperfections giving skin a flawless finish

Key Ingredients:

Cost: $78

Product Rating: 5/10
I like the scent of this serum and the fact that it doesn't leave behind any sticky sensation once absorbed. I've been using this serum for a month, and to be honest, I don't see or feel any difference after using this. No reduction in the appearance of pore size, no difference in my skin's texture, or even an improvement in my breakout problem.

The only thing I think it did and helped is to provide a little moisture and diminish the appearance of fine lines. However, because I couldn't find the full ingredient list... I can't comment more on it.

That being said, the use of both of these products seems to work well together. When used on the back of my hands, I could see and feel the difference. So, I guess the mask does help to even out dullness by removing dead skin cells, while the serum helps to nourish the skin.

Available at all Origins Counters found at:
Robinsons Raffles City
Robinsons The Heeren
Robinsons Jem
Metro Paragon
Tangs Orchard
Isetan Scotts

Also available online at Luxola!