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d'skin: Stem Cell Facial Treatment [Sponsored Review]

Recently, I was introduced to a range of skincare that is researched and formulated in Japan, d'skin.

With the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle, this selection  of  premium-quality  products  offers  modern  busy  women effective remedies to common skin issues. 

Besides  skincare  products,  d’skin also  focused  on  using  medical-grade  equipment  to  achieve desirable results. It offers a complete range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for ageing skin and delivers the top three most  popular services in  health, wellness and  beauty sector: skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

And I was invited to try and review their Stem Cell Facial Treatment, that claims to  help  with  skin  conditions  such  as  premature ageing, photo damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. 

The whole treatment is anchored on four factors to reap cellular benefits : 
Stimulate drainage
Improve microcirculation
Strengthen small capillaries
Combat skin slackening  

The treatment procedure follows a powerful seven-step methodology

1.Skin health diagnostics and profiling
A measuring device and equipment is used to determine the most apt treatment for customers. This device will indicate the level of hydration, sebum, elasticity, pH level, melanin phototype and temperature. However, during my diagnostics, they only recorded and explained to me my skin's level of hydration, sebum production, and elasticity.

I was then shown into the room to get changed into the gown before the commencement of the facial. This is the step where my makeup was removed and the esthetician did a double cleanse with a gel based cleanser, followed by exfoliation with a soft chemical peel together with steaming (for 5mins).

3.Extraction by specialist, Eyebrow grooming & Final consultation
Another lady will step in to do the extraction, and she was quite gentle. Then this specialist did a general consultation of my skin and suggested a suitable treatment for me to do before the esthetician came back to groom my eyebrows and carry on with the treatment.

4. Ultrasound and High-voltage Impulse Therapy
Before the start of the therapy, the esthetician used a antiseptic wand to prep the skin. Followed by the application of their stem cell serum onto my face along with ultrasound and high-voltage impulse therapy to penetrate the skin and introduce a high concentration of serum into dermis simultaneously.

5.Signature Face and Eye Massage
This next step is my favourite. It promises instant, visible results and helps one to de-stress via d’skin’s signature Touch Therapy, which comprises:

a.Targeting pressure points to release energy
b.Stimulating drainage to eliminate toxin
c.Aroma massaging to promote well-being and healing

6. Mask (d’skin’s specialists will choose the mask based on skin condition)
The mask used on me was a cold cooling one.

7.Relaxing shoulder massage
The mask time was accompanied with this massage that helps to improve lymphatic function, promote flow of blood and ease stressed muscles


Duration: Around 2 hours for the facial treatment and 15 mins for skin analysis.

Overall Ambiance: The exterior of d'skin has a very clinic feel which is apt because it is here that the skin analysis is conducted, and the interior has a very calming feminine touch. Toilet is located outside and is quite a distance away.

Cost:  $368

For this treatment, I was looking out for signs of a hydrated plumped skin and looking at the images, you can see that not only was my skin more radiant (glowy), there is less sagginess at my undereye area and my cheeks are more plumped. That being said, I also have to state that they left a lot of serum on after the facial that made my skin feel and look moisturized.


The effects in person are hard to tell, but the overall experience of the facial at d'skin was really relaxing and enjoyable. My favorite segment is their Signature Face and Eye Massage. That was gold for me!