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Are you a bride on the search for dresses for your bridesmaids?
Or the bridesmaid in charged of searching for dresses for your fellow "girl group"?

Well, this post has been written to offer you a little help!

Image from EventsStyle

Now, I know that the key factors are that the bridesmaids' dresses:
1) Cannot steal away the attention of the Bride's gown
2) Has to match the theme
3) The wearer has to be able to do a multitude of task in this outfit.

So with that in mind, here are my inspirations based on 3 different wedding themes: 

1. Classic Lace
This is as the name suggest, the Classic. The bride will be in a white flowy lacy gown and the wedding will be held in a ballroom.

Traditionally, bridesmaids will more or less be wearing a gown too but let's face it... A gown makes it hard to move around to assist and support the bride, so I suggest to go with the modern times and choose a dress instead! With its feminine design and neutral tones, this outfit will work well for bridesmaid with different skin tone! Pair it off with a chic pair of heels in the matching colour and your ladies are ready!

Eleanor Dress - MDS Collections
Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals - Zalora Basics
Platform Pumps With Ankle Straps - Zalora

The best part of this outfit?
 It can be worn for other occasions too after the wedding!

2. Ready For The Beach
It is pretty common these days for weddings to be held by the beach, so imagine sea breeze, sand and sunset! And what better way to represent the whole mood with a tropical print and wrap skirt designed dress!

And since you  will be long the beach, I would advice a comfortable footwear like a pair sandals in a matching shade or wedges rather than heels because you dont want to be sinking into the sand and risk hurting your ankle. 

Destinee Dress In Floral - MDS Collections
High Wedges - Karen & Chloe
Solar + Salina T Bar Sandals - Melissa

This dress will make it a good reason for you to tone up your shoulders and back.
Let me know if you want me to share with you my not-so-secret workout routine to tone up these areas!

3. Glam & Party
Gatsby themed wedding with feathers, glitz and glamour?
Black and gold will be perfect!

So shake up the wedding with this classic square neckline dress with a peekaboo mesh shoulder and fluted hem, and be ready to dance away with the Bride & Groom!

Match it with a pair of heels with a easy zip-up fasting like these that I have selected so you can be on the go quickly when your bride needs you!

Taylor Mesh Dress - MDS Collections
Zipper Sandal Heels - Sidewalk
Laser Cut Out Motive Heels - Sidewalk

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