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Just recently, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about watches and how people don't wear one as much these days because our phones can tell time.

Then she reminded me that regardless of how phones tell the time, it's much easier and faster to read time off the wrist... that and how watches are more than the teller of time, they are an individual's statement piece.

So without further ado, here's 4 themes for everyone to consider with Michael Kors' watch collection:


Complete your black, grey and white outfit with a hint of classic gold on your wrist for a timeless twist. And don't be afraid of wearing a masculine/feminine style, whatever floats your boat really.
It's a statement piece, make it a statement.

1. Darci MK3322 Watch
2.Runway MK5191 Watch
3. Runway MK5145 Watch 


Are you of a cool skin tone? Yes? Then, silver is for you!
If you belong to the warm side, get a silver watch with a darker faceplate to help balance things up!

1. Kinley Pave MK5996 Watch
2. Skylar MK5988 Watch
3. Skylar MK5866 Watch


Warm skin tone, peeps! Gold is for you, wear it alone for some class or match it a range of accessories. You can't go wrong with something as classic as gold.

1. Slim Runway MK3275 Watch
2. Petite Dar MK3295 Watch
3. Slim Runwa MK4285 Watch


Another classic that will suit everyone's skin tone.
Play around with the colour of the leather band to switch things up.
Go dark for a stronger, more masculine style or lighter for a delicate, more feminine feel.

1. Slim Runway MK2284 Watch
2. Gage MK8362 Watch
3. Slim Runway MK2256 Watch

Ultimately, while a watch can be a statement piece, remember that you're the wearer of it.
Own it and own the look.

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