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Firma Skin: Tri-NewGen Radio Frequency(RF) Treatment [Ambassador Review]

Hi ladies & guys!
I hope that you have seen my video on my thoughts on Firma Skin and their treatment, especially on their AirNutrients technology that applies the Bird's Nest essence! I also like that they use microdermabrasion in one of their facial steps, I like how it instantly brightens up my skin!

But I have already written a post on these steps in my very first review post on Firma skin (you may read about it here), so I won't be covering on those steps... Instead, I would like to share with you my experiences with their Radio Frequency treatment that is said to help relieve tired eyes, black circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.


Machine for the RF Treatment

  1. Cleansing
    This step starts off with makeup removal using a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover, followed by a cleanse with Firma Skin's Enzyme wash.
  2. Microdermabrasion
    After cleansing, Beta-HD serum which contains fruit acids and herbal extracts (for control sebum secretion and prevent pimples) are applied to my skin, for the microdermabrasion. This makes the microdermabrasion process more effective. Personally, I find that my skin is brighter and more radiant after this step.
  3. Cool Hammer Massage
    After microdemabrasion, my therapist proceed with a soothing cold massage with the use of a cool hammer and some soothing gel. This is one of my favourite step because it not only soothes me to sleep but also helps to calm my skin down and gives my face a temporary tighten effect (Hello~ Sharp V Face).

  4. Tri-NewGen Radio Frequency(RF) Treatment (15 minutes)
    After the massage, it was followed by the RF treatment that helps to prevent tired-looking eyes.

  5. Mask Time
    This time round, I had a Tea Tree Mask on to help decongest and detoxify skin. This treatment targets blemishes and supports skin healing, so that skin evolves to be softer and smoother. At Firma Skin, the type of mask used is generally dependent on the type of treatment you are doing and your skin condition.

  6. AirNutrients Serum
    After the mask was removed and my skin was cleansed, a mist of Bird’s Nest Micro-Essence and AteloCollagen serum was sprayed onto my face before the application of Firma Skin's B5 serum and sunblock.

Duration: 55 mins, including 15 mins of the RF treatment.

Overall Ambiance: Very neat and simple with individual cabin room.

Cost: $120 (For the entire facial experience)

Effectiveness:I've written my verdict on the entire process before, so I'm just going to focus solely on the RF treatment. It was quite a soothing treatment, I dozed off a little midway... facial massages always make me sleepy.

Did it help to make my tired eyes look less tired? Honestly, even as their ambassador, I've got to say... not really. The difference before and after were quite hard to spot. However, if you take a closer look at the result, you will notice a slight reduction in the severity of my eye bag... even though my dark circles are still quite obvious. Haha! #chronicpandaeye
 Before: my under eye area looks puffy. After: Puffiness appears to be "flatten" out.

However, despite the appearance, the eye massage did left my eyes feeling quite refreshed and less tensed. And while I did not have an obvious result, I also know that it is dependent on individual's genetics and condition. My dark circles and eye bags runs in the family, and with my vampire/ night owl lifestyle, I would probably need more session to see a more significant improvement.

The reason why I decided to accept being their ambassador is because I really love how effective and fuss free their services are... I mean, it's hard not to love them when I always end up with clear radiant skin for days after a facial at Firma Skin.

Reader's Perk

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