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Jodulu The Mermaid: The Beginning

I guess it's no secret now that I'm part of the Singapore mermaid pod with all of my Instagram posts... but prior to the start, I was honestly a little apprehensive about sharing the fact that I'm a mermaid.

However, the environment in the school has been very receptive and encouraging in embracing our uniqueness and I guess that opened me up.

I started swimming as a mermaid in March and it has been one of the best decision I made. I got to swim in the ocean with both my legs and my tail, both very different experience. But mostly importantly, it's through this experience instead that I learned to express my childhood dreams.

If you think about it, as a child, we were very opened and full of wonder. I recalled my primary school days where I shared a common interest in mermaids with a fellow classmate who is a boy. Sure, some made fun of him calling him names for having an interest in something "feminine" but the encouraging thing was that he didn't care. He continued drawing his mermaids on paper and talk about being a mermaid.

We were allowed to dream of the possibilities.
Fast forward the years, when adult world slams on your face, most of us tend to lose that side of us... I'm glad I went ahead and did when the inner kid in me always wanted to do.

Of course, it was done with the understanding that I'm not a real biological mermaid.
I'm fully aware that I can drown, and mermaiding is an interest that requires skill sets and practice.

I enrolled in The Singapore Mermaid School and start out in shallow waters with my tail first where I could still stand if I needed to. Please take note of this as you are starting out without a mer-teacher, because, in this community itself, we have heard and read enough of news of people drowning while in a tail.

In fact, I only went into deeper waters once I was confident enough that I can handle not being able to plant my feet down and it was such an experience! I got to swim with a school of sardines~ and well~ experience the full mermaid experience.

It is also through this learning journey of being a mermaid that I got to meet a pod-ful of mersisters who make it easy for me to stretch my tail out from time to time because once you are a mermaid...
You are never going back to being human. Haha!

It also helps to be in a pod while swimming because then, it's not as weird and there is someone around who understands the danger and will keep an eye out always to ensure that safety is in place.

I've got to run now... but for now, feel free to check out the video that I made for the start of my journey!

There will be more to come!
Do let me know in the comments section if you have any question abut being a mermaid etc!
I'll be more than happy to help!