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Keeko Oil: Does Oil Pulling Really Whitens Teeth? [Sponsored Review]

Hello, Peeps!
I mentioned this product and the results I had with it a while back, but I thought that I should really write my experience out because I have had friends asking me.

What Is This Product That I'm Talking About?

I'm talking about Keeko, a 14-day Ayurvedic mouth rinse treatment, created to get those teeth of yours sparkling white as well as detoxing the body & mouth by reducing plaque & bacteria. Keeko's unique blend of organic cold pressed coconut, lemon, chamomile, myrrh, lemon lime and pink grapefruit natural flavour makes this treatment faster & more effective than regular coconut oil! 

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

Bacteria found in your mouth is the starting point for a lot of disease in the body. Water and brushing alone won't work against removing bacteria or plaque that builds up on your teeth over time. Oil Pulling helps to break down plaque and remove bacteria as they are oil soluble, allowing your brilliant natural white teeth to shine through!

How To Use?

Rip open the sachet (warm in your palms or with lukewarm water if the oil is not liquid). 
Pour contents into your mouth and gently swish it around and between your teeth for 5 to 15 minutes. Start off with 5 minutes and build your way up if your mouth gets tired.
 Bin your spit. Brush your teeth. 
Flash your megawatt smile.


Texture: Exactly how oil is but as you swish it turns to a watery milky solution

Taste: Milky taste (the way coconut taste) with hint of the essential oils used, in this case, the citruses

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil*, Chamomile essential oil**, Myrrh essential oil**, Lemon essential oil**, Lemon Lime & Pink Grapefruit Natural Flavour 
 **Certified Organic

Whitens teeth
Banish bad breath
Help prevent cavities
Glowing skin
Detox mouth & body
Strength teeth & gums

Cost: AU$38.95

Product Rating: 10/10

Ok, this works and it worked so well~ I was shocked by the results. Haha! Although you should be aware that my teeth turn yellow easily due to my tea-drinking habits only so if you are a smoker or a coffee drinker, you might need more time than me.

I love the fact that the ingredients are all beneficial and safe for the body, and it tastes pleasant (compared to just coconut oil). I will agree that the swishing takes some getting used to, a gentle swish is all you really need anyway.

It is recommended to use Keeko Oil for 14 days, swishing the oil for 15 minutes or more every morning before breakfast. I got obvious results in just 7 days. I swished the oil every morning (or night before I sleep when I forget) for 20 minutes every day. Within 7 days, I noticed that I no longer have morning breath and my teeth were at least 5 times whiter. Just check out the photos, that was all I needed to be convinced.

Isn't the improvement amazing?! Head over to Keeko now to find out more, and as usual~ Feel free to leave a comment if you have more questions!