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Swish Swimming: Mermaiding with Mahina Mermaid Merfin

Hi, my awesome merfolks and peeps! I'm back with a mermaid related post once again! This time round, I'll be touching on my mermaiding journey so far and this interesting monofin I recently got my feet into.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I've been to Tioman recently with my fellow mersisters to hone our mermaid skills by learning freediving! We wanted to improve our breath hold for mermaiding and lots of the experienced mermaids advised us on learning freediving for it. And just to clarify, freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers' ability to hold their breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. 

It is really interesting because it requires lots of mind over matter moments to pass through that urge to breathe before the sensation gets comfortable or in my case, the need to breath is not on my mind. Diving down 16 metres in a single breath was also very exciting and it helped me in understanding the fundamentals of how to dive deep for my future snorkelling experience without the discomfort in my ear and trouble I was facing with my breath hold. That being said, my breath hold is about 2 minutes max so I will need to keep working on it to improve.

Whatever time we had, we spent it by the beach or in the open waters and on the day when our class was later in the day, we rented a paddle board and headed out to be a mermaid!

For this trip out into the sea, I brought along my Mahina Mermaid MerFin! I was introduced to this unique product from my fellow mersisters and on thing led to another and I was talking to the Singapore distributor about it! Made with recycled rubber, Mahina Mermaid Merfins are one of the first eco-friendly/recycled fins produced.

I love how the MerFin moves underwater and how easy it is to carry around. Made with a single model, the Merfin is easy to wear and safe to use because with a quick flick of the ankle strap and the legs are free. I think this is great for beginners or inexperienced merfolks!

A few things to take note before you decide on being a mermaid:

1) You must be able to tread water and also be comfortable floating on the water surface
Floating helps in conserving energy and in gaining back the energy to swim.

2) You must be able to swim
I think this is a given. Haha

3) Never do it alone, always swim with a group of people and have them know that you will be mermaiding.
This is to create a safe and secure environment to swim in, so that if you need any help, there is one available.

Where to get your very own Mahina Mermaid Merfin in Singapore?

72 Loewen Road #01-08
Dempsey Hill Singapore 248848

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday
9am to 6pm

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