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The Secret Life of Pets: kids’ latest movie in Singapore, from September!

Latest movies in Singapore cinemas reveal what pets get up to when they’re home alone

If you’re after a good belly laugh movie that appeals to both parents and children, you can’t go past the latest movie, The Secret Life of Pets, which is released on the 1st of September. Featuring the voices of some of the finest comedians working today, and put together by the team that created the hilarious Despicable Me movies, it lets us in on what goes on with our pets after we’ve headed off to work for the day. And it’s not what you’d expect. We discover they’re more like humans than you’d probably expect.

Latest movies secret life of pets

The Secret Life of Pets: director

Director Chris Renaud has done an excellent job of taking a very simple premise – what happens when a pet’s perfectly idyllic life is thrown into chaos by an outsider – and creating a multi-layered, animated romp that throws all our pre-conceived notions about our pets straight out the window. Quite literally, in some cases.

Voices and characters

Louis C.K, is the voice of Max, a terrier who is living the perfect life in New York City. All he wants to do is sit by the door all day and wait for his owner, Katie, to return and make his life complete. One day, however, she returns with Duke, an enormous, hairy stray she picked up at the pound, and Max’s idyllic life is immediately turned upside down. Not long after that they’re lost and alone in the streets of the city and having to cope with adversaries such as a gang of deliciously nasty feral cats, a psychopathic white rabbit, sea monkeys with identity crises, pigs, birds, snakes and every other type of pet you could possibly hope to imagine.


Max and Duke have to adapt to all the crazy situations around them in order to get back to Katie and the lives they loved, and how they go about this is both hilarious and thought provoking. After watching it, you’ll never really be able to look at your pets again without wondering what it is they’re thinking. And though the movie may be jam-packed with everything from slapstick through to slightly questionable toilet humour, it does have an underlying message about how we treat our pets. ‘They say they love us, then they throw us out’ one irate character exclaims. So if you’re after a couple of hours of sheer entertainment for the kids that won’t have you tearing your hair out at the inanity of it all, take them along for some time with The Secret Life of Pets. And afterwards, don’t be tempted to pop by the animal shelter and grab a couple of likely looking strays. The inclination to do so will pass, I assure you.