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DALI KATCH: Sharing the sound I love. Anywhere.

Music affects our mood; it can create excitement, stir passion and even calm our nerves. How the music is being delivered to our ears makes a difference too, and I know that it's been awhile but today, I bring a "Tech" post from the usual beauty related articles to talk about this latest device I've been using: DALI KATCH.


A battery-powered Bluetooth speaker that you can take it anywhere with you without any compromises on the quality of sound, bringing DALI’s (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) extensive audio heritage to a stunning, compact design, so you can share the sound you love anywhere you go. 

With over 3 decades of speaker design and build experience has resulted in a product that revolutionised music on the move into a cutting-edge, extruded aluminium and ABS case. By focusing on the technology behind the sound, the KATCH delivers the breathtaking audio you’ve come to expect from DALI’s full-size speakers but that lets you share the sound you love. Anywhere.

What Do I use KATCH for?

Honestly, I use it for moments when I need to relax, especially during times when I'm practising my calligraphy or when I'm blogging because I require a still mind to do such tasks. I usually listen to soothing classical music or Enya for relaxation and Crystal Singing Bowls music for meditation.

If not, I pretty much use it whenever I need some music around my house or when I'm watching a show online! All I have to do is to sync it to my phone for music or to my laptop when I'm catching up on my TV Dramas!


Build & Design: 

Stadium in shape made with cutting-edge, extruded aluminium and ABS case, and with a leather carry strap that can be kept hidden. It can be positioned upright or carried around by the strap to enjoy music on the go. Weighs at 1.1kg.


H/W/D 13.8 x 26.85 x 4.7 cm

DALI KATCH comes in three stunning colour choices of Dark Shadow, Cloud Grey and Green Moss. The one pictured in this post is Dark Shadow. The leather carry strap makes it easy and comfortable to bring it out around and the durable design makes it safe to do so. 

Built to last for 24 hours thanks to a powerful 2600 MAh Li-ion battery, with Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X and NFC to allow you to share your music quickly and seamlessly. And you can expect first class audio pouring our from this speaker as it is powered by a 2 x 25 watt classss-D amplifier.

And if you want a stereo sound system, simply connect two DALI KATCH to form a stereo pair, playing left and right channels respectively!

Cost: €399.00


  • Weighs 1.1kg, can be quite heavy to carry if you are bringing more than just a speaker out in your bag


  • Easy to use, pretty much easy to figure out without looking at the instructional manual
  • Sound quality is crisp and loud enough that I can still hear my music clearly while I was vacuuming my room, I'm so impressed!
  • Has a leather strap that makes carrying it out easy
  • Long battery lifespan, can last for 24 hours

This post has been brought to you by DALI KATCH, sharing the sound you love. Anywhere.