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Meditrina: Ageless Herbal Cream

Age safely, effectively and naturally with Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream!

As age catches up, we begin to experience the effects of hormonal ageing that often starts at 25. Our metabolism rate slows and we tend to put on weight easily, collagen production slows down and our skin starts to sag and be dry, our body aches more, and our sleep becomes less restful. 

These are sure signs of hormonal ageing and hormonal imbalance – unwelcome yet unavoidable changes in our body’s biochemistry as we age. If you have tried various remedies to alleviate these symptoms but nothing seems to help, it is because you have not addressed the root cause of your problem: hormonal ageing.

Texture: White thick cream

This natural solution to hormonal ageing contains botanical ingredients like Chasteberry, Fenugreek and Wild Yam. These ingredients have been carefully selected by Meditrina beauty and wellness experts as they are scientifically-proven to alleviate problems related to hormonal imbalance such as period cramps, PMS and insomnia. So users can be at ease knowing that no animal substances or synthetic hormones are being used in the formulation of Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream!

The Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream is meant to be applied on 6 key areas of the body with emphasis on different areas for different purposes:

Lower back
Inner Thigh

For irregularities during the monthly cycle, emphasise the application on the lower back and abdomen; for disturbed sleep, emphasise on the neck; and for unexplained weight gain on lower body, emphasise on the thighs and gently pound on outer thighs after application.

For the most effective way for these active ingredients to work their charm, Meditrina beauty and wellness scientists use Transdermal Technology.

Through this unique, cutting-edge delivery system, the botanical nutrients enter the blood stream directly, thereby increasing their absorption across the skin layers and maximising their effectiveness, in a shorter period of time. As these botanical ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of the skin 10 times faster, you are truly rejuvenated and revitalised from inside out-effectively reversing the signs of hormonal ageing. 

Captured while I was testing its absorption rate, once fully absorbed, there is no sticky sensation left on the skin.

Honestly, it is hard to measure the effectiveness of the benefits of the botanical ingredients but I found that despite the cream being quite thick in consistency, it was rather easy for my skin to absorb it and about 1 minute after application, I noted that it doesn't leave any stickiness on my skin that most thick creams do. Personally, I like how it keeps my skin hydrated and while no distinctive benefits were observed, overall I like it as a body cream to keep my skin soft, smooth and hydrated without the typical sticky sensation.

This post has been brought to you by Meditrina, helping every woman to recapture her youth, sparkle and vitality, and feel beautiful, confident and sexy, like a woman!