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J&J Hair Identity: New Perm for a New Year [Sponsored Review]

Back during the Christmas weekend, I was invited to try out J&J Hair Identity service!

Located at Katong Square
88 East Coast Road
#02-11 Singapore 423371

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am – 9pm
Sat - Sun: 10.30am – 8pm

J&J’s Hair Services encircle around their T.O.P. IDENTITY formula that focuses on bringing out their customers’ identity and individuality through a sequential process of:

Analysing customers’ hair TEXTURE (virgin hair, chemically treated texture, damaged texture, etc.) to define suitable solutions (color, perm, cut or treat)
Considering customers’ ORIGINAL face features (oval, round, square, etc) to give suitable hair-dos that either brings out the key features or vice versa.
Bringing out their PERSONALITY by understanding their professions and lifestyle preferences.

J&J is also committed to giving their customers a long-lasting hairstyle that will be easy to manage and maintain, even at home.

Before: Natural wavy hair with my faded dyed hair

A Quick Consultation
Jac took a few minutes to seek out what's my preference in my new hair colour and on how I feel about perming, giving me the advice to perm for more texture to my hair and how it will also be easier to manage.
Snip Snap
So to kick things off, I was given a quick trim to remove my split ends and to reshape my hairstyle. Once that is done, I had a quick wash with Natulique shampoo and cold water.

Perming Process
This treatment is done to hydrate and improve the condition of the hair first before perming, it is done with the aid of a mist machine (using distilled water) to help the penetration of the hair treatment

• sensation: a soft gentle warmth, like a hair dryer emitting warm mist instead of air

After 5 mins of misting, another 5 minutes is taken to allow the hair to cool down before it was rinsed off with cold water. As a result, my hair did really feel different, softer and healthier!

Breaking Hair Bonds Structure

While my hair was dripping wet, a solution was applied to each hair segmented strand this is done to break the hair bond structure to prepare it for the perm. There was a mild typical funky smell but it is bearable.

Once the solution was applied, a cling film is placed over hair to allow the solution to work its magic! I also noted that care was taken to ensure I don't get slapped with my own wet hair when they are applying the solution! This process took approximately 1 hour 30 minutes before it was washed off. I was told that the duration of this step depends on individual's hair structure and can be faster, my hair was just stubborn. Hahaha!

Curling Time

After the wash, Jac blew dry first before curling with 20, 22 & 25 sized-rollers. 

The rollers were then attached to the machine and power source. Care was taken by Jac to ensure that my face won't be hurt by the heat. 

The curlers removed after 1 hour, and Jac proceeded to straighten the top section of my hair before a neutralizer solution was applied to fix the hair bond structure to maintain the curls. 

After 10 minutes, the solution was washed off and a quick hair treatment was left on my hair for 5 minutes before it was rinsed off.

Final Styling

To end it off, Jac blew dry my hair until it was 80 percent dry and applied a curl cream with a 50cents amount and proceeded to blow dry completely "sealing" my hair with Argan oil for shine!


Duration: Up to 6 hours, including the hair trim, washing and perming

Ambience: Clean, open with a nature based theme and K-Pop music playing

Service: I like it when hairstylists are concerned with how the customer is feeling with each step because I always feel like open communication is important when it comes to such an experience, like getting a new hairstyle. Jac showed concern and care by asking me along the way through the entire experience, from the hair length to the weight of the rollers in my hair, to the hot spot of the rollers and with the end results. Even after service, he messaged me to ask me if everything was ok and gave me advice on how to go about managing my new hairdo.

The only thing I think could be better improved in terms of their service is the hunger/ thirst level of their customers. Especially since there are times when such a session can run more than a few hours, that's the only thing I think could take the customer service level up another notch!

Price: Cut + Perm + Hair treatment is $328

Result: I said bye to my split-ends happily, said hi to soft treated hair and got a sea of curls!

Left: Before Right: After, hair looks shiny, feels soft and the curls gave my previously dyed hair a new wave of vibrancy

I am impressed by how soft and nourished my hair felt after the treatment! Even after the curls, when I washed my hair the next day, my hair felt soft and smooth!

As for the perm, it is different from my very first perm. This perm has more layers of curls, adding more volume to the lower half of my hair. I was trying to cope with its frizziness at the initial start, and with Jac's advice of applying hair oil and curling cream when I blow dry my hair at home, it is now more manageable.

 I am now just waiting for my hair to grow out a little more and the curls to loosen up for it to be perfect!
Until then, I would like to wish everyone a
Happy New Year!

This post has been brought to you by Sample Store and J&J Hair Identity.