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Sage and Ylang: Hair Care products and Lip and Cheek Tint Review [Partially Sponsored Review]

For my green beauty readers, here's a new conscious beauty brand I want to introduce: Sage & Ylang! I had the opportunity to speaker to the founder, Irene Chong who is a former registered nurse, a cabin crew and safety trainer in Singapore Airlines, and a homeschool mum of 5, on her brand and the products to find out more!

Sage and Ylang is an organic, natural, pure plant-based green beauty line. Created by Irene Chong, the Radiance Series is the result of four years of product research and development to help combat skin dullness, uneven skin tone and lack of skin firmness.

All products are formulated using high quality, phytonutrient-rich ingredients to meet the demands of maturing skin. As quick fixes to rejuvenate skin only display a temporary effect, Sage & Ylang firmly believes that a high-quality green skincare regimen, plus a healthy and holistic lifestyle are key to having a more radiant and healthy looking skin.

Currently, Sage & Ylang offers solutions you can introduce into your current skincare and hair care regimen without much disruption with their products:
  • Hair Repair and Shine Serum Oil
  • Scented and Conditioning Hair Mist
  • Radiance Luxury Serum
  • Radiance Defense Serum
  • Radiance Indulgence Mask
  • Lip & Cheek Tint Balm
After my conversation with Irene, I decided to give their products a try and was going to pay for their Trial range but she was nice to offer me their full sized range instead so I did a partial payment and she sponsored me the rest. That being said, if you are a regular reader, you should know by now that my reviews are based solely on my experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors. So with that out of the way, let's kick start with my reviews!

Scented and Conditioning Hair Mist

Formulated from a unique blend of quinoa protein and hair loving plant extracts, this hair mist protects, repairs, conditions your hair. Regular application of this mist will result in smoother and silkier hair. Additionally, this protein will also form a protective barrier which will protect your hair from environmental stresses. Scented with organic essential oil, this mist will freshen your hair beautifully for hours.

Price: $34 for 50ml

Texture: Water-based mist

Smell: a blend of floral herbal scents

Overall Rating: 9/10
I love the smell of this hair mist, and the scent does last quite long compared to other naturally-derived hair mist I've tried. I have really thick long hair, so the scent last about half a day but I also noticed that the scent last longer if it isn't exposed to the elements (hair by the nape of my neck).

After using this product for a month, I do find that it helps to keep my hair soft, shiny and healthy. This is now my little secret for times when I want to freshen up my hair when the weather is too hot and humid, and I don't want to smell like sweat! After a month of misting daily, I'm left with 1/3 of the bottle so my guess is this product will last 6 weeks when used daily.

Hair Repair and Shine

This hair serum is formulated with a power pack blend of 8 plant-based hair fortifying botanical, 3 organic essential oils, and vitamin E. It helps to repair and strengthen hair, nourish and restores shine, and creates a protective barrier which will shield your hair from environmental stresses

Price: $28 for 30ml

Texture: Lightweight oil serum

Smell: a blend of floral herbal scents

Overall Rating: 9/10
Hair serums and oil are a staple part of my hair care routine because I have long, thick and wavy hair which equates to frizzy, unmanageable and split-ends prone hair in Singapore.

 When I was introduced to Sage & Ylang's Hair serum oil, I immediately fell in love with the scent and was amazed by how lightweight the oil is on the hair! After a month of using it each night, I'm glad to report that I haven't seen any split-ends and my hair looks and feels healthy! The best part of it is that it is made of natural ingredients and after a month's usage, I've only used 1/3 of the product. My guess is that this tiny bottle will last 3 months which makes it great for value!

Lip and Cheek Tint

This compact and versatile 2 in 1 formula was created to give a minimalist look with just a tinge of colour. Apply lightly for a natural and healthy look. Smooth buttery texture that glides over lips easily to provide moisturization and soothe chapped lips. It also contains ingredients that provides a little natural sun protection, and it can also be used on the cheeks.

Price: $23 for 4.44ml
Texture: Balm

Colour: A shimmery berry-red tint

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
I've got to say that it's a gorgeous tint that is perfect for all skin tone on the lips and cheeks, and a little goes a long way for the colour pigmentation. I carry this around on days when I wear light makeup to touch up my blush.

I have very dry chapped lips and after using this for a month, I find that this isn't moisturizing enough for me. That being said, I like the shade of this on my lips so I've been using it in place of my normal lipsticks. I will treat my lips with a hydrating balm first followed by this and reapply both as the day goes by.

With that, it brings me to the end of this review post, I've got another review lined up on their skincare range, so do keep an eye out for that. To check out Sage & Ylang, head to their website at or follow them on Instagram at @sageandylang!
Hair after the mist & serum, with the lip tint on my lips!
This review is partially sponsored (I bought some on my own!), but reviews are based solely on user's experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors.