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And here comes 2013!

It has been a nice 2012 with its own epic plot of doomsday and other events in my life. Looking back, I gained more than a handful of unforgettable experiences and memories.

First quarter of 2012

Had a few fun celebration with friends

Second Quarter of 2012

Graced various different events and I loved every minute of it!

Third Quarter of 2012

I went to South Korea for the East Asian Seas Youth Forum Congress to meet, share and learn from the other delegates from East Asia and I had a time of my life! Had the honor of shaking hands and speaking to Minsters and learning from professors and professionals on oceanic and coastal issues. Great eye-opening experience!

Final Quarter of 2012

The highlight of Miss Universe Singapore when the finals were held at Shangri-la, and through Miss Universe, I graced more events, take part in various activities like workouts and makeovers! Most importantly, I gained awesome friends and one can never have too many friends. :)

Then there was the drama of Doomsday and well, my family did the most rational thing...
We went for an impromptu holiday retreat to Cambodia. Best decision ever! I awed at one of the 7 man made wonders of the world, Angkor Wat, and the architectural designs of all the various temples I visited.

I went there with a worn out body and mind, I came back a much relaxed yet enriched person. I guess it had to do with all the massages, good food, coconuts, activities and environment~ I flew back just before Doomsday and it was in my opinion, the best way for things to end but...

The sun came up and everything was operational and then 2013 is here~

So I took it as a sign that I got to keep living and I got to work harder.

So~ Everyone, our time will come, but for now...