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Handmade Movement Singapore

Handmade Movement is Singapore’s first and only large-scale indie craft fair. But it’s more than just a craft fair. It is envisioned to be a platform for local artisans to reach out to the community and encourage appreciation for unique items that are handmade with love and attention. Amidst good music, fabulously colourful decor and the lush greenery of Fort Canning, artisans display and sell their handmade products and original artwork as well as conduct workshops for both adults and kids.

 (Layout of the Fair)

 I made the best decision ever today to head over to Fort Canning for the fair, despite the rain, and it was totally awesome! I loved the indie vibe the place had it going and it reminded me of my times in Australia!
Just imagine raindrops, wet grass, the smell of nature with live band music and tons of awesome quirky stuff to see, touch and buy!

There were also workshops held for free for people to dibble dabble in a few DIYs and gain the know-hows from the Pro~ The only downside of it was that you have to register for it beforehand and the demand of workshops was so high that I originally didnt manage to get a slot for myself. However, due to the rain, a handful didnt turn up for the workshops and I managed to squeeze in for 2 sessions which made me really happy C:

The first workshop I took part in is the DIY Cupcake Decorating, hosted by Butter Studio, where we got to decorate, customise and eat our own cupcake! It was awesome!

The second workshop I attended is something close to my heart and it was hosted by Green Living, and it was on How to Detoxify Your Skincare. Topics like harmful ingredients used in our daily product, natural alternative and cleansing methods were touched on and I got to bring back my very own Rosemary Hair Tonic to use!

After the workshops, I headed to the Craft Tent and got myself a cleansing powder made naturally with oats and herbs (I will touch more on it in another post) and drained my time away looking at the merchandises and art!

I loved how each table was different from the other and how friendly everyone was, some even posed for my camera (even though it was just my iphone)~  The only sad thing about today was that I didn't have enough cash in my wallet...Especially this Dino!

But well~ at least the owner was super supportive and kind to let me hold it for a photo~ and that's it for my eventful Saturday!

Peace out.