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More than a year after my cosmetic surgery

First off...


You thought I meant plastic surgery right?

I am actually referring to my Lasik Surgery.
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Yes, I once wore glasses of degree that would result me in being almost blind without it before switching it to contact lens in the quest of vanity and convenience. A few years later, over use of contact lens left my eyes feeling dry with great discomforted and it was only then, after my degree stabilized and I turned 21 that my oh-so-wonderful mum gave me a 4 Digits worth 21st birthday gift of new sight!

Now, more than a year later, it feels strangely weird that I used to be short sighted. It is like a part of my memory that never exist. And I am never more grateful for my super human sight!

So why am I bringing this up?

Well, a friend was asking me about it the other day. Her curiosity and nerves from the though of blades and laser touching her eyes made me realised that if there is one thing I can do about to help friends like her, it would be to share my story and experience.

If like me, contact lens are bringing you too much discomfort and glasses are inconvenient, I would recommend that you do it. Why? In long term, the investment is worth it and like me, you will soon forget that you ever had a problem with sight.

Things to note before making a decision:

1) Do your research on the clinic and surgeons.
There are more than a handful of clinics offering this type of surgery. Check their history, reviews and type of lasik technology they are using. Personally, I went and did mine with the very first surgeon who did this procedure in Singapore with the personal life experience of my mum who did it by him too. It is your eyes and your sight, dont slack off on proper research.

2) Weigh your budget.
The cost of this surgery is less costly these days, however, beware of rates that are too good to be true. Average rates are around $2500 per eye in 2011.

3) The standard you will get out from this surgery is reflected in the number of different tests done.
With my selected clinic, I did a number of eye examination test, from the basic "read the 3rd row of the chart" to cornea thickness to the shape of my eye. AND, that was only to determine if my eyes are suitable for the surgery... I had to do another pre-surgery checkup before the final approval was made and the decision was left to me. 

4) Ask as many questions you have regarding the each procedure of the surgery.
Firstly, it helps you to prepare yourself mentally. Secondly, it allows the surgeon to be aware of your concern. When I did my very first surgery on my left eye, I was very nervous and frankly, worried. The clinic I went to is very professional. Once I made my decision, they gave me a book on lasik for me to read up for better understanding. And on the day of the surgery itself, they had me in a room to watch a video, a write up to read on every single steps that will be taken before, during and after the surgery. 

If that was not enough, I stopped the start of the surgery.. sat up and asked the surgeon a question! It was funny now that I think of it, but it made everyone in the room aware of my concern. I was concern of the shock of the suction pressure that will be applied to my eyeball. I heard a lot of bad stories of permanent blood-shot eye from jerking at the surprise of the pressure. 

So what did the surgeon and nurse did? The doctor prep me during consultation once regarding this, he cupped my eye and pressed down on it. I forgotten about it in midst of the time and nerves. So, the surgeon reminded me of it and just before they applied the pressure, they warned me. Even about the intensity and duration of it!

Now, it isn't 100% perfect. It is reported that for some, they wont regain perfect vision. Thankfully, for me, I got 110% perfect but I still have a problem with my dry eyes. It doesnt really affect my vision 24/7, only when it is really dry and all I have to do is to yawn to stimulate tears or drop a few drops of eye drops!

So to my friend and people out there, I hope this helps and if you have any other worries, you know how to find me!