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National Achievers Congress 2013 & "Be The Right You" Book Launch

National Achievers Congress, which happened during 10th-12th May, is in its 21st year and is designed to not only help individuals succeed but also maximise their success. This year’s speakers included CEO and Founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, Foremost Authority on Business Mastery, Keith Cunningham, and Top Motivational Speaker, Les Brown!

The finalists of Miss Singapore Global were there to not only learn from the experts but to also support Vanessa Tan in her Book Launch of "Be The Right You"!

All in all, I got to say that her launch was a big success~! There were moments when we have a huge crowd of people purchasing her book that a queue had to be formed.

People were coming up to share their personal stories, seek advice, comment her on her presentation, to buy her book and~ to take a few photos with her and us!

 Of course, we have our fair share of self photo-taking moments too!

One of the best moments during the entire congress was the appearance and interview session of Sir Richard Branson.

I found that it was a really fruitful session, learning from his own business experiences and understanding the way he rationalized his decisions. Sure, most of the things that he brought up are well known tips and advice from other successful business people but the fact that these few tips keep popping up, means it really is what it is and it is what brought about their success.

I really needed moments like this in this stage of my life.

Overall, it was a weekend unlike any other and I am glad to be part of it. 
Thank you, Vanessa for arranging the tickets for us and inviting us to be part of your success!