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Do-It-Yourself:Beet Root Lip/ Cheek Tint

With the recent hype in the harmful ingredients present in our lipsticks, I decided to look for a natural solution and stumbled upon this all natural lip tint!

I  am a fan of tints because it last longer in Singapore's climate and it feels like having nothing on after application.

For the visual people, this is the video that I saw to do my very own beet root lip tint!

You may follow the steps that Sarah used in the video, I did a batch with her method and another with my own method and I find that it feels and taste better!

Plus it's less costly but the drawback is that it might not last as long.
So if you are interested in my method, here's what you will need:

1/4 of a Beet Root, peeled

A Double Boiler or A Bowl & A Pot
Tea Strainer or Cheesecloth
A Roll-on Applicator/ Container


1) Dice your beet root to fine bits or put them in a blender
2) Set up your double boiler or simply place a bowl in a pot of water, take care to keep your flame small and prevent water from entering the bowl
3) Scoop the beet root into the bowl & let it heat up in the bowl for ard 8-10mins
4) Turn flame off and let it cool
5) Strain the liquid with a tea strainer or cheesecloth and try to squeeze whatever you can produce
6) Transfer it into a Roll-on applicator or a container of your liking

Here is the end result!

The awesome thing about using a tint is that colour intensity is buildable!~
So if you want a stronger look, just keep layering it up.

I use this on my lips and cheeks for a while now and I love it!

Oh, and to keep it lasting longer, I store it in the fridge:)

Do note that if it starts to smell funny and look brownish, it means that it has gone bad.

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