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Cozycot: Scholl Compression Stockings- Sleeping Long [Sponsored Review]

Recently, I was selected as part of CozyCot's Inner Circle Campaign to try out Scholl Compression Stockings!

I am sure that Scholl is no stranger to the minds of many to be known to be dedicated to developing products that aid, nurture, pamper and care for our feet with products ranging from footcare to footwear.

And today's review is a product that is designed to relief tired, aching & swollen legs while achieving toned & slimmer looking legs while you sleep. 


Compression stockings work with your body to help you to keep your blood flowing back from your legs up towards your heart. This Scholl compression stockings help you to achieve this in two ways:

Overall compression

Your legs are gently squeezed, which: 

  1. Helps to reduce the blood flow through the veins closest to your skin surface 
  2. Brings the vein walls, and more importantly the valve cusps closer together (to help prevent the blood flowing back towards your feet) 

Graduated compression
Lowest compression at your thigh
Keeps the blood moving upwards, towards your heart.

Intermediate compression at your calf
Assists your calf muscle as it pushes blood up your leg.

Highest compression at your ankle
Helps to move blood from your foot and ankle into your calf, so the muscle can push it onwards.

Scholl stocking uses 'graduated compression', where the pressure gets lighter as it goes up your legs. This progressive reduction in compression is a particularly effective way to push blood up your leg. To enjoy the benefits of compression stockings, socks or tights you need to wear them regularly, preferably every day.


This product review opportunity could not be any more timely than now!

Being involved in Miss Singapore Global, I have to wear heels (5 inches!) for almost every event and gym sessions have been so effective and hardcore that my legs and body felt the fatigue and ache.

In terms of the relief of tired, aching or swollen legs, I find that it works very well! 
At first, I thought it might just be a psychological thing, but based on what I have researched later on about compression, it seems to make sense. By compressing our legs to keep blood flowing smoothly back to the heart, it helps to promote healthy circulation, which is always good for the body.

Upon wearing the stocking, I noticed that they are tighter around my ankle than around my calf and with the least compression pressure around my thigh. It was easy to wear on with clear indication of the various placement of the spot for the ankles and knee. 

I like that it was designed with an open toe to help release heat during sleep and overall, even though it was a stocking, my legs didnt feel sweaty or warm inside. 

However, in terms of achieving toned & slimmer looking legs, it didnt do anything to my legs.
I did the measurements morning and night, there were no changes.

I would think that this would only work with ladies with swollen legs, and they would see a difference as the pressure would reduce water retention and swelling.

On the whole, I still stand firm that to achieve toned & slim legs for our body shape, exercises are the way to go~

Product Rating: 6/10

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