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A Quick Word From Me on Winning Miss Singapore Global

More than 42 hours have passed since I was crowned as the very first Miss Singapore Global,
I feel extremely blessed and am overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment. 

I believe that this photo below will be something I will develop and keep to show my kids & even grandchildren one day.

Months of preparation unfolded and revealed our personal transformation in the few hours of our Miss Singapore Global's Charity Gala Night.

Our transformation was brought to my attention last night, when I was having a chat with Andrew.
Comparing the photos from our pageant's roadshow to the night of the Finals...
The transformation is evident.

Not just in terms of how we look, but also the way we carry ourselves and the confidence that I have in me now.

I am also honored to be awarded the Subsidiary Title of Miss Personal Branding by Andrew Chow, the man behind IdeaMart and Social Media 247.

All in all, I am truly pleased with myself not just because I won the Crown and Title of Miss Singapore Global but rather, due to the fact that I managed to overcome what I felt and thought were my challenges for the night:

Swimwear & Auction Segment
Q&A Segment

It was a really tough competition from the start with all of my lovely fellow finalists and I am glad that despite the competition, we are still as close and true to each other.

And when I said "tough competition", I am not being modest. 

Here are the accomplishment by my fellow finalists:

1st Runner-Up - (#9) Michelle Qiu 
2nd Runner-Up - (#3) Cheryl Teo 

Top 5 Finalists (excluding me):

(#1) Angie Chua
(#3) Cheryl Teo
(#8) Suwen Warrick
(#9) Michelle Qiu

Subsidiary Awards (excluding Miss Personal Branding):

Miss Inner Beauty - (#3) Cheryl Teo 
Miss Congeniality - (#4) Evelyn Wee
Miss Amaya Lingerie - (#3) Cheryl Teo 
Miss J's Bona Fide Beauty - (#8) Suwen Warrick
Miss Absolute Fitness - (#3) Cheryl Teo

That's the thing I like about joining Beauty Pageants, I get to develop myself as a person, I get to accomplish goals in life and I get to gain new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Awards & Winnings aside...
I would like to thank everyone who supported me on Facebook & the Mobile App!
You made up for the 60% of my chances of entering Top 5!

Secondly, to Khai Lie, my awesome partner for my swimwear!

Thirdly, to all of my mum's friends who not only supported me online but also in person!
My mum shared with me how all of you were so supportive and on :) Haha!
Thank you very much, I hoped you enjoyed yourself that night.

Fourthly, thank you to my Godparents who are always there for me!

Lastly and oh so importantly, my parents who not only supported me in all that i do... but also guided me down the path to the woman that I am today.

Not known to many, my parents even had a moment where they were competing to see how many people they could get to like and vote for me. My parents are awesome :)

Finally, with that, I would like to give all of my fellow finalist a pat on the back~

A BIG pat on the back to Marysa Alexander for designing and co-creating the Victoria-Inspired Wings for Auction, and for choreographing the entire show!

And~ the BIGGEST pat on the back goes to Yew Chong & Vanessa Tan for the amazing experience and journey that ended with a success on Saturday night!

Now, the journey continues with
International in Jamaica
Executing my cause to educate people about composting (& waste management) for a sustainable future!


  1. Congratulations again Jodi on a fine accomplishment! Looking forward to hearing of your future endeavors.