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Human Nature: Natural Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner [Sponsored Review]

3 years ago, after returning to Singapore for good, I realised that due to the climate here (compared to Australia) my scalp tends to be very oily very fast. I am talking about within a day.

I have tried a handful of brands that claims to address oily scalp problems but honestly, there wasn't any difference. All it did was strip my scalp bare of the oil for a few hours, then it's back to being oily.

When I started down this path of being aware of the chemicals in my products and using natural alternative products, the first thing I got rid of and avoided in my soaps & shampoo is SLS/SLES

Did you know: 
Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are a chemical surfactants that create the foamy lather you get from chemical shampoos.
They have been linked to skin irritation, cancer and organ toxicity. I avoided it initially, mainly because, I read about how these chemicals are so "powerful" at removing dirt & oil that it actually strip the protective barrier of natural oil the scalp & hair needs. Resulting in overproduction of sebum by the scalp to compensate the lack of a barrier.

Then there is the issue with conditioners.
Have you ever wondered what's the purpose of it?

Many use them to untangle knots, others to keep their hair soft and smooth... But actually, the purpose of a conditioner is to "hydrate" the hair. Like applying moisturiser to skin, a conditioner is used to restore the balance of hydration in the hair so that it doesn't end up being too dry & brittle.

Companies have been using chemicals like silicones and dimethicones to hair appear smooth and soft to touch externally. What it does is, it coats the hair like plastic (thus, shiny looking) blocking out all the nutrients it needs and trapping in sebum and bacteria, which may cause allergic reactions and breakouts. And in the long term, a headful of brittle dry hair.

I admit it's not easy to change to a natural alternative hair product. Mostly, because we are all so used to lathering up heaps of foam that the natural ones can't match.

However, recently, I managed to find something that could produce the lather that I was conditioned to have when shampooing and is free from harmful chemicals!


Started in 2008, Human Nature is a social enterprise that is Pro-Philippines, Pro-poor, Pro-environment and Pro-animals! Read more here! I love their vision and the actions they have taken!

96.4% Natural
Save your hair before it's gone! Clinically proven to reduce hair fall by 80% and thicken the hair by 90%* after 4 weeks of continuous use, our Natural Strengthening Shampoo is infused with hydrolyzed protein to fortify your hair, and Philippine coco nectar, a revolutionary ingredient that bursts with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Our breakthrough CREAMFoam® technology acts like a lotion to moisturize your hair and scalp, leaving you with hair so much stronger, healthier, and shinier!
*30 day clinical study comparing Human Nature's Natural Strengthening Shampoo with shampoos containing sulfates such as SLS/SLES

To Use:

Shake well. Apply the right amount to cover your hair in creamy lather. Work the lather from roots to tips. Rinse off completely. For best results, use with our 100% Natural Strengthening Conditioner


Texture: A  rich liquid that lathers up quite nicely.

aqua, sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut derived), decyl glucoside (coconut derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane derived), guar gum , Cocos nucifera (coconut) nectar, dicaprylyl ether (vegetable derived), Persea Americana (avocado) oil, levulinic acid (rice or corn derived), natural fragrance oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, sodium phytate (rice derived), anisic acid (anise seed derived), citric acid

Benefits: Fortify your hair; reduce hair fall by 80% and thicken the hair by 90%

Smell: this is a challenge to pinpoint.. Fruity, creamy scent

Cost: From S$7.90, depending on size

Product Rating: 9/10

I like that it lathers well and it is really affordable! It does feel different in a good way after washing, it isn't the squeaky clean sensation with chemical shampoos but more of a cleansed but still protected. It may take some getting used to.

I have been using this product for more than 3 weeks and I can't comment much if it really helped to thicken my hair (I have thick hair to began with) but I noticed that my scalp is way~ less oily than before and there is a slight decrease in hair fall!

Purchase this shampoo here!

Teeming with gugo bark and calamansi, our conditioner helps fortify your hair to dramatically reduce both breakage and hair loss. Organic virgin coconut oil caps off this triple goodness combo, leaving your locks stronger, healthier and smelling refreshingly clean without the harmful chemicals!

To Use:

After shampoo, apply conditioner directly to hair. Leave on for a whole song or two for maximum effect, then rinse off completely.


Texture: Thick & creamy


aqua, cetrimonium chloride (from palm/vegetable oil), cetyl alcohol (from coconut), organic Entada phaseoloides extract, organic Citrus microcarpa extract, organic Cocos nucifera oil, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol (vitamin B5), potassium sorbate (natural preservative), fragrance (natural), maltodextrin (natural stabilizer), citric acid (natural preservative)

Benefits: Helps fortify your hair to dramatically reduce both breakage and hair loss

Smell: Fruity, creamy scent

Cost: From S$7.90, depending on size

Product Rating: 6.5/10

As mentioned, a conditioner is supposed to aid in hydrating the hair from inside out. It does wash off feeling slightly different from commercial conditioners. I tend to find that if I dont wash it out properly, there will be a layer of residue. However, I believe that this slight residue is the same with the shampoo, to nourish and hydrate the hair shafts.

There isn't any obvious improvement to the texture of my hair after more than 3 weeks of use, however, I would use this any day compared to a commercial conditioner as I know that the ingredients I use on my body and hair are safe, not only to me but to the environment too!

To purchase this conditioner, click here!

In the mean time, I will continue my use and maybe look into buying their hair mask to test its effectiveness out!