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100 Happy Days Challenge

Today, I found an interesting challenge to do for 2014.

For the next 100 days, I will have to take a photo of what makes me happy and I will post it up on my instagram!

I hope that by doing this challenge, I learn to appreciate life a little better and to find that bit of yellow ray in darkness.


Challenge aside, I feel really blessed recently for meeting 2 very friendly and wonderful bloggers!

I like making new friends :)

I thought that for all they have shared and done for me, it would be nice for me to mention them here too!

P.s. They are a more active blogger than me! Haha!

Hop over to Juliana's blog for Beauty Tips

Photo: Say hello to #SkII's latest addition to their Facial Treatment Essence family - the Eye cream! Zaps fine lines, dryness and dark spots! A perfect complement to our already splendid treatment essence! #clozette #sgblogger #skiisg

And enter into the wonderful world of Tiffany's life as the ABC girl :)

Photo: When the #bakkuteh girl #tiffanyyong meets the #charkwayteow guy @jimkohjinming #filming #senseofourflavours

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to see your 100 happy posts! But hor... if you are sad, must share to dilute the sadness k? :D