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JODULU X TheWYLDshop |Hiss Factor|

So, it's another round with TheWYLDshop and I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLLECTION!

But first thing first~ Here are the Behind-The-Scenes!

I'm really grateful for the shades because we were shooting during the hot peak timing of the day and it was pretty glaring to open my eyes without the shades!

And yes, the ground was hot! But I have a thick skin~ haha!

I'm so in love with Le Specs eyewear that I just got myself one from TheWYLDshop today!

Looks like, I will be chilling out with my Rapture Le Specs in Bali soon!

 Here, I would admit that I was starting to get pretty comfy~

And this photo of the three of them with their cameras in my face is what really happens behind the lens!

Cute, huh?

 Here~ Loo working in front of the lens to fix the creases of my dress

And tadaa~ as smooth as we could get it~
I am also very tempted to get this Hobba Tee Dress in grey..
I like the mash detailing in the front and cut-out detailed at the back,
plus it's comfy and the fabric is really soft~!

 During the shoot, we made a new friend!
Mr. Reptile.

I was a little scared that it would freaked out and run away,
the way all lizards do, which would scare the hairs off my goosebumps!

But thankfully~ with my nature trail instinct,
I managed to leave it its bubble space and it stayed pretty still most of the time.

Mr Reptile has a pretty pattern, huh?~

And talking about pattern, this Claude Fays Python Pants is the most comfy thing ever!

I love the fabric, it's soft and light!
This collection itself, most of the fabrics are really comfy and soft!
The texture and quality of the fabric are my weakness when it comes to clothes,
especially when such fabrics are perfect for our weather in Singapore!
Le Sigh~

We paired it up with the Friday's Opera Black Top, and I look totally badass!

All you need to give me is a samurai sword and I'm ready to kill~ 
Hence, making this a killer statement outfit~ Hah! Get it?

Head to to look at the rest of the collection!

Til the next collection!