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Wanderlust: Cebu [Part 1]

“People want pretty much the same things: They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older people believed they lay in the past.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, Nights in Rodanthe

I did it again~

I traveled, this time to Cebu.
It's a business trip and I tagged along with my parents because~
well, let's just say it was well timed.

We reached before sunrise and greeted the sun at the golf course.
I was pretty amazed by the number of golfers who were there soooo early in the morning.
Maybe there is some true to the whole "Early bird gets the first worms" thingy.

Throughout my travel, the view out of the vehicle is pretty interesting.
Nature wise,
Social wise,
and Cultural wise.

Despite it being a business trip, I got to say that the sight seeing portion was pretty awesome~
The first place we went to is Fort San Pedro and it's interesting to learn what took place here.

As usual, it's all about war and greed... ownership over something..

But what caught my interest is the structure itself.
Made with wood and coral stones.
That's interesting to me.

And this map of the area when the Spanish first arrived.
It looks like something out of a storybook because it looks almost whimsical to me.

For lunch,
And they were yummy...
and the pork...

I think all of us had food coma after lunch, and I was so happy that we got to check into the hotel!
I didnt have much sleep before because it was a midnight flight,
and with all the yummy food in my belly~

I coma into a nap and work up dizzy~
That's why I can never have naps.

But waking up was worth it,
because this view~
I felt free.

And yes, I sat on the ledge because I can.

I know that I'm addicted to my gadget but this next photo below takes it to the max~

We, Asians, really do love capturing moments digitally!!

The evening ended really well too~
With dancers and singers and...

Yup, more food~

Maybe wanting happiness is my flaw...
Maybe, I should just be :)
Because happiness lies only in the present.

Part 2 is my favorite part~
Keep an eye out!