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Look Of The Day: Flutter Those Feathers

To spice things up a little, I decided to create a Themed Look.

Taking inspiration from Pinterest,
I decided to create a feathered makeup look!
And here's my result!

Here's how to recreate this look:

1. Start with a clean face. I prepped my skin with serum/moisturizer.

2. Starting with the eyes, here I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin for that extra twinkle.
You may use whatever eyeshadow primer you have.

 3. Pat a gold eyeshadow all over the lid. Here, I am using the shade from Sephora Makeup Made Simple Palette.

4. Line the upper lashline and bottom 1/3 lashline with the kohl pencil (I used Red Apple Gluten Free Eyeliner). Make sure the lines are thick, like what I have done because you will be placing the lashes above your lashline!

5. I reinforced the line by going over with a liquid liner ( I used K-Palette's 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner) and ran black eyeshadow on my bottom lashline. I also curled my lashes to prep them for the next step!
I skipped mascara because I didnt want to weigh my lids down (what with 2 falsies for this look), but it is up to you if you want to apply them~

6. Apply glue to the band of the lashes, wait until it's slight tacky to place the lashes as close to your lashline as possible. Here, I used Star Lash Extravagant Falsies(EA08) that has tiny black feathers on the tip of the lashes to tie in the entire look that I was aiming for!

7. Apply glue to the band of the lashes, wait until it's slight tacky. This time round, instead of placing the lashes close to the lashline, I placed it on my crease line (which is why your eyeliner has to be thick). 
This would would create the illusion of a bigger eye and balance the eye makeup out.

8. Dap some lash glue onto the areas that you want to place the glitter. The placement of the glitter is up to you, I chose to place them within a triangular area at the outer corners of my eyes.

9. I used art glitter here, but you can use cosmetics glitter too if you have them. Dap the glitter with your finger onto the areas with the glue, try not to over cluster the glitters.

And you are done with the eye makeup!

10.  Fill in your brows ( I used Shu Uemura Brow Liner) and complete your face makeup starting with concealer ( I used 24H Cosme Concealer) and foundation ( I used 24H Cosme Powder Foundation).

Then, contour I contoured my cheekbones with a bronzer and highlighted the apples of the cheek with a peach blush! 

I keep my cheeks as natural as possible because the main focus is on the eyes!

11. Apply a pinkish nude lip colour over your entire lips. Here, I am using Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural (N23) that has purplish/ whitish shimmers in it.

12. With Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum, I lined the inner lip with this shade and blended the colour to create a slightly bitten lip effect. You may use any burgundy or wine lip colour.

And you are done!

Optional Look
You can also just stick to the use of 1 feathered Falsies with the glitter for something less dramatic!

Until next time~
Stay Gorgeous!