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It's been awhile since I last played with bubbles. I used to recall blowing bubbles to amuse my baby brother and we would try to blow the biggest one. When G and I spotted this uncle outside of Clifford Centre, trying to promote his bubble guns in the center of Raffles Place, I knew that this bubbles idea would work. So, my skin grew 5X thicker and I asked the uncle to lend me one of his guns... and started with the whole bubble making.

 It was really nice of the uncle to lend us the gun, I guess in a way we were also helping him to promote it. You know, the "I scratch your back, and you scratch mine" kind of concept. I struggled a little initially because the gun was low on foamy solution.  I was more focused on trying to get the gun to work when G reminded me to look at her and be more natural with my poses. Opps!

Half of the time, I didnt know where to place my hands (lol)... I admit, posing isnt my strongest forte... and it is also one of the reason why I havent really develop the fashion portion of my blog.. Hehe. I get self conscious in front of a camera unless it's family behind it... if it's friends, it takes me awhile. I guess, it's a matter of getting used to it.

That being said, it was better after the uncle switched my gun with his and I was no longer struggling with the lack of bubbles. Then, I was just being goofy and decided to blow at the bubbles~ resulting in one of our favourite shot taken for the day.

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Photo taken by G with an iPhone.
theWYLDshop can now be found at Clifford Centre #01-12B