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Look Of The Day: Aqua Flow

So, a few days back while I was (still) clearing up my makeup mess~
I found my Shu Uemura's Tri-Color Eye Pencil in Aqua Flow.

I remember loving the shades in them but I was never brave and skilled enough to apply them properly.
Over the years, I think I developed my makeup skills and my skin is thicker now (although still not perfect :b) to be able to create a look with this eye pencil.

With that, here are the


1. Start with a primer, here I used Essence Eyeshadow Primer.
You may use whatever eyeshadow primer you have.

2. With a clean brush, sweep a light grey eyeshadow over the lid up to the crease line.
For this, I used  Sleek Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette (Ultra Matts V1 730).

3. Then, line your upper lashline with an aquamarine shade of blue eyeliner.
Here, I am using Shu Uemura's Tri-Color Eye Pencil in Aqua Flow.

4. For the outer corner, extend the liner out and slightly downwards following the natural angle of your top lid.

5. To set the liner and help retain the vibrancy of the blue, use an eyeshadow with the similar shade of blue and pat it onto your upper lashline. 

*You may also use eyeshadow with a wet brush to line your eye if you do not have a eyeliner for step 3.

6. To define the depth of your socket line, sweep a dark grey eyeshadow onto your socket line. Remember to blend any harsh edges away for a softer look.

Then, define your eyebrows. 
For this, I used a mixture of black and brown shadows from the  Sleek Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette (Ultra Matts V2 731) with  13RUSHES Short Shader brush to define my brows.

7. Last but not least, curl your lashes and coat them with a mascara to define your lashes!
I used my favourite Shu Uemura's eyelash curler with K-Palette's Magic Fiber Mascara

And that's all for this makeup look!
I love wearing colours because they add a hint of fun and it always helps to wear colours that brings out your eyes!